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Adsense-1A couple of short pieces of AdSense news today.

Over at the official AdSense blog they’ve announced that there’s a new feature just been added to AdSense that will help them serve up more relevant ads for password protected areas of your blog. For example if you have a members only area you can now tell the AdSense crawler/bot how to access these areas so that it can assess what content is on them.

How do you access this new feature?

“just check out Site Authentication in your account and follow the instructions on the page. Please note that you will only have access to this feature if you’ve updated your AdSense login to a Google Account. We appreciate your patience as we roll out this feature to additional publishers.”

In other AdSense news – Self Made Minds reports that they’ve been approached by AdSense to be a part of a test for ‘AdSense for Mobile’ to allow publishes to monetize their sites for mobile devices.

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  1. I just read about this! I think it’s wonderful!

  2. Dave says:

    It all helps.. Good feature.

  3. Tom Hanna says:

    What’s new with the mobile thing, any idea? I can see Adsense ads just fine on my site using my mobile browser. On the other hand, I don’t have a mobile optimized version and, given the advent of some truly excellent smartphones the last year, I doubt I ever will. Is this something for mobile browsers that don’t support javascript? If so, maybe they should just make it the “No Javascript Beta” and release it for regular sites to solve the problem of the adblocking freeloader.

  4. Sebbi says:

    Hmm … I’ve had this feature in my account for like two weeks now and didn’t realize that I was the only one on the planet? ;-)

    They are announcing “Site Authentication” very late compared to the referer 2.0 “feature” …

  5. jane says:

    i hope this works also i always wondered how google has access to the member areas automatically to see everythings fine there. for example members area can include adult material…

  6. Web Presence says:

    Nice, it not gives me more options to maximize the conversion of my ads :)

  7. Josh says:

    Great feature, very useful. Google rocks. Waiting for my check. Darren, thank you for your advice. Could not do it without you.