Speedlinking – 12 July 2007

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  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the links, Darren. Always love finding the blogs you read so I can get more feed subscriptions and stay in the know.


  2. Dan Cole says:

    Cool… I when people tell me about websites they read.

  3. Dan Cole says:

    Cool… I love when people tell me about websites they read. Oops, I left out love in my other comment. I wish there was an edit or the ability for me to proofread… my mad.

  4. Great link love! Thanks!

  5. Great link love- Thanks!

  6. Yeah the comment spam problem is getting nuts. Wrote an article about it earlier along with a quick suggestion: if you notice the same IP spamming you, run a search on it on a site like and send a report to the abuse e-mail for that ISP. I started doing that a while back if I received more than 20 spam comments from the same IP, and within a few weeks the spam from that IP would stop.

  7. Samir says:

    Thanks for a great selection of links as always Darren.

    The Common Craft behind the scenes is eye opening, and I hadn’t ever stumbled upon Self Made Minds so far. Seems to be filled with useful information. Thanks.

  8. Shai Coggins says:

    And, we’re running a contest giving away iPods, etc in a raffle (in connection with the b5 music channel launch) –

  9. Dean Hunt says:


    Thanks for the mention of the buzz and viral marketing case study. I hope you enjoy it.

    I am also doing a “Blogging for charity” challenge at the moment. Where I am trying to guest blog on 150 blogs before christmas.

    Contact me if you may be interested.

    Speak soon.


  10. Ari Shohat says:

    Darren, congrats to b5media with the new music channel, very nice and the blogs do look very interesting!

  11. Fable says:

    Another awesome post, Darren! Some very useful links for us to check out indeed. :)