Guess the Search Term and Win a Blog Mentoring Prize

update – this competition is now closed. The winner has been announced. Comments are now closed

OK – it’s time for a little ProBlogger reader competition.

It’s called – “Guess the Top Search Term Competition” (or GTTSTC for short)…. catchy isn’t it!

Here’s how it will run. I’m going to offer a prize for the first person to submit the search term (via comments below) that brought in the most traffic to ProBlogger from Google in the month of June.

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON (I’ll check IP addresses to make sure). Your first entry will be taken as your only entry – so be quick but make your entry count by reading what others have already said (first in best dressed).

Note – By search term – it could be a combination of more than one word.

The Prize – A month’s free access to the Blog Mastermind Mentoring Program. It’s a good way to check out Yaro’s great new mentoring program for free – you can unsubscribe at any time to avoid ongoing payments.

Judging – The Winner will be the first person to get the exact term right.

Do note – that my comments are filtered and some comments go to moderation and don’t appear on the post until I’ve given them the go ahead. As a result you might think you’re first for a term but someone else might actually be.

I’ll announce the winner in 24 hours so we can get a nice array of search terms submitted for a little fun. If no one’s got it in 24 hours I’ll start giving a few hints.

update – this competition is now closed. The winner has been announced. Comments are now closed

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  1. Fred Joiners says:

    Based on a strange quirk on my search terms I would guess it is ‘’

  2. My guess would be
    “making money from websites”

  3. I guess it can be “online money bloggers”

  4. first is “blogging”

    third is “information about blogging”

    Have a good weekend and remember to stop, look and listen to find out what is reallu going on inside and around you.


  5. Niamh says:


    My first guess is ‘income stream’ and my second is ‘relevant/engaging content’.



  6. Niamh says:

    Can I appeal to the Judge for clemency and get another go.

    ‘original content’.


  7. Melissa says:

    My guess is “online pro”

  8. Michael says:

    ad sense ? ?

  9. Google?s Pro.blogger