Amazon Updates User Interface for Associate

AmazonI just logged into my Amazon Associates account and they’ve done an update to their user interface.

There’s nothing particularly new to what they’ve done that isn’t cosmetic – but it is nice and will make checking daily stats a lot easier.

For starters you now don’t need to scroll through paragraphs of notices to get your daily stats. Now you see the table (pictured left) on the top right hand side of your reports page. It gives you a quick summary of your stats for the last day (or month – depending which you select).

Amazon-2On the top left hand side you see another little table (pictured right) – this one has your tracking IDs all in a drop down menu so that you can quickly swap from one to another (again, much easier than the previous method which was quite convoluted).

By the way – many Amazon affiliates don’t know about tracking IDs – they are the equivalent of channels in AdSense and help you track specific affiliate links (or groups of them).

One other change is that in the top right hand corner you can now select different locations – if you are an Amazon affiliate for their different geographical stores. You can’t swap from one to the other without logging in – but it could be handy for some.

Other report pages and the ‘build links’ pages seem to have been tweaked also – but there are not really substantial changes that I can see so far in them.

This is a nice fresh new look that makes the back end of Amazon’s Affiliate program a little more functional. My wish now is that they update some of their banners, search boxes etc to bring them into a more modern look and not like they’re something from a few years back.

Do you like the new user interface?

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  1. Blog Opinion says:

    Do you make profits from amazon . I tried it out . No good results. New fresh look may attract the users . But I heard that many shoppers buy those product under their own affiliate link . Is it right ? I need tips to make some from my amazon affiliate link .

  2. I do like the new interface. It’s cleaner and minimalistic. Shows your earnings without so many clicks.

    I do agree that updating the banners and things is a good idea.

  3. Bush Mackel says:

    I had the same question as you Blog Opinion. I’m not really well versed in the Amazon game, or the affiliate game in general.

  4. Darren Rowse says:
  5. I’ve tried Amazon Affiliate Program and have had no luck with it either. hmmm

  6. AgentSully says:

    It certainly looks a lot nicer now, but when you drill down it seems much the same.

    What do you find to be the most effective way to convert sales for amazon?

    For me it seems to be when I’m not “trying” so hard, when I mention a book in a post as an aside.

  7. I like it! I do also wish they’d update their banners and ads…

  8. Blog Opinion, even if someone buys Amazon products using their own affiliate link, it’s my understanding that Amazon filters out those purchases so that affiliates are not able to make a commission on their own purchases. I’ve had some success on 1 site selling gift certificates.

    I agree, the Earning Summary on the page right after I log in is a welcome change :))

  9. Samir says:

    Thanks for the heads up Darren. It is certainly a huge improvement over the previous click and dig interface.

    It is especially useful to someone like me who is just beginning in this and doesn’t really have any earning to speak of. At least now I know I made nothing quicker than all that multi-page Hollywood buildup I had to sit through before. ;)

    I know you have posted here explaining how Amazon is really more of a long term bet rather than an instant money maker, so I shall be patient. Looking forward to more of these improvements from them.

  10. Michael says:

    I haven’t had a lot of luck making money with amazon but I’ll keep on trying because from what I’ve read it takes a lot of time, and it isn’t that much work to continue using it.

    I love the new interface of it and it makes it a lot easier to navigate through and get what you need. I hope they continue to improve of though because I’m sure there are still things they can improve.

  11. nazzman says:

    I deal with Amazon as an affiliate and vendor. I find, in general, their support and tracking are OK but not great. This update to the first page is welcome, anyway.

    It is worth digging into the Amazon affiliate program’s various ways of presenting links; there are quote a few and it does take some dedication to figure them out and test them. As a group, they’re pretty versatile. The Amazon Store program seems pretty much a joke, though. No one in the forum is reporting sales.

    I had pretty decent results with Amazon links the first few months, but all of a sudden the orders dropped to almost nothing while traffic increased. Been wondering about that.