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Authorityblogger-Forum-LogoChris Garrett just announced his new Authority Blogger Forum which I think has the makings of a useful community.

Chris is one of the better bloggers on the topic of blogging and would be well worthwhile getting alongside if you’re looking for advice.

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  1. Ramkarthik says:

    It would be great to join in the forum and learn more about blogging. Chris is really a good blogger and Im already a regular reader though not a regular commentator of his blog. Great to see his forum.

  2. Great community in the making thanks for sharing Darren.

  3. moneygod says:

    Thanks for sharing Darren.

  4. Simonne says:

    I’ve joined the forum yesterday. It’s already a great community and Chris is an excellent host.

  5. Thanks for you kind words :) I’m told people have already found it useful and I’m finding it a lot of fun talking to fellow bloggers

  6. Sreejith says:

    Wow, a cool opportunity to be friends with Chris ?! Wow. I think this forum will prosper. Please join the discussion, Darren, we need you !!

    And, thanks for sharing this. I’m subscriber in Chris’s blog. So, I knew it anyway.

  7. kala bharath says:

    thnks for the information bro it is really helpful

  8. aaron says:

    The blogger community really needs a centralized source for communicating with each other. It’s been sad seeing and just consistently decline over the past couple of years.

  9. I would think the domain would be worth $150k even if were just a page full of dancing bananas. Adding anything to it would have almost been purely for the sake of avoiding the appearance of squatting on the domain.

    At any rate, it would be a tough call. Lets say you earned $10k a month and worked 4 hours a day on your blog or could have $150k and walk away. I think I would take the cash – and get back in the game. You could pocket $100k and still have $50k to play with. Can you imagine how much more ambitious you could have been with one of your brainstorms if you had a $50k budget out of the chute?

    – Scott

  10. Looks like I was distracted by my daughter getting a little carried away in her jumperoo and over scrolled. My previous comment would make a hell of a lot more sense if it were in the right topic :(

    ON TOPIC: looking forward to following the new community.

    – Scott

  11. Teejay says:

    It seems that you referred most of the users. I am joining this forum. Like I said, “I hope this takes me to another level of blogging”.

  12. krishna says:

    The new technorati authority is different from the pagerank given by google in the sense that google weighs those links from high PR sites more,but technorati doesn’t do that(eg:1 link from a PR 7 site values more than 100 links from PR2 sites,whereas technorati gives no value for the links authority

  13. Dave says:

    Thank you for sharing that. I hope it will be productive.