Blog Advertising Methods Ranked

Chad Randall (b5’s Ad Sales Manager) caused a real stir here at ProBlogger while I was traveling a few weeks back in his guest post about making a blog more attractive to advertisers when he suggested bloggers remove AdSense from their blogs.

Chad wrote more on why he doesn’t like AdSense on his own blog after that post – and today wrote another useful post titled the 7 Levels of Revenue for Your Blog which ranks advertising methods for blogs.

While I think a lot of what Chad says is true my own position on AdSense isn’t quite as extreme. As someone who has some blogs that are highly read by Australian audiences – ad networks like AdSense and Chitika provide a very valuable opportunity to monetize a site as it can be difficult to find alternatives. I also find that my average CPM rate is considerably higher than the $1 Average that Chad talks about.

This type of thing does vary from blog to blog somewhat – how would you rank ad revenue types?

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Us $5 Obverse

A couple of days ago I asked readers for their reviews of AuctionAds – a new income stream for bloggers that has been going for two months now.

Today the team behind AuctionAds contacted me to let me know that they want to offer ProBlogger readers a special incentive to try them out on your blog.

They are going to put $5 into the account of every ProBlogger reader who signs up today via this Special Offer Form. To qualify you just need to sign up and try Auction Ads out on your blog.

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So if you’ve been meaning to try out AuctionAds on your blog what better opportunity than this? While AuctionAds work better on some blogs than others they are worth a try. The worst thing that can happen is that you walk away with a free five dollars!

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Nikon D80 Picture This Campaign

Journalism Hope has a good interview with Tom Biro from the New Media Strategies Team at MWW (a PR company) on the latest campaign that Nikon are doing with 50 bloggers to promote their D80 DSLR.

The campaign is called ‘picture this’ and it involves Nikon loaning a D80 (and lens) to 50 bloggers for 6 or 12 months to test. At the end of that time bloggers can return the camera, ask for a further 6 months or buy it at an ‘editorial discount’.

They require transparency from bloggers writing about the camera and are having a Flickr group for participants to post their shots to.

Some of the bloggers participating are BL Ochman, The Viral Garden, Jason Clarke and Jaffe Juice among others.

We’re seeing more and more companies taking this approach and doing a better and better job of it on each occasion (ie with transparency, thought out conditions of participation etc).

My only question was along the lines of how they selected bloggers. I think they’ve got some great participants so far – however I’m yet to see one of the many great photography bloggers participating and would have thought that they’d have targeted some of those. I can see the sense in finding other types of bloggers – but to have brought a blog specifically on their topic into the mix would have seemed like a sensible move (NB: this is not a ‘pitch’ to participate – just me wondering out loud).

Auction Ads – Reader Reviews

Auction-AdsI’ve just jumped off a skype call with a blogger who has been testing Auction Ads since they were announced back in March.

He wishes to remain anonymous as he’s wanting to protect his niche – however was very very excited as he’d just received a payment from them that was bigger than anything he’d previously earned from a blog.

I’m not allowed to share his niche – except to say that it’s in an area that there is a healthy second hand market for products in.

I’ve heard from other bloggers that if you have content that relates well to anything with such a market that it will do well as the ad system draws its inventory from ebay.

I’ve dabbled with Auction Ads (with some success) but suspect that it will do incredibly well for some topics but not so well with others.

I’m interested to hear your feedback after two months of experimenting with Auction Ads (as I know many of you have been).

How is it working for you? What have you found to work best in terms of design, positioning and topics? Write us a mini review and share your experiences (anonymously or with your name – your choice).

ProBlogger Job Boards Gets a New RSS Feed – Subscribe Today

Do you follow the ProBlogger blog Job Boards via RSS? If so – it’s time to change your feed address to a new one. We had a lot of problems with the old one so decided to start from scratch with it.

Jobboardheader-1The ProBlogger Job Boards have continued to grow in terms of the numbers of jobs being advertised each week and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback both from advertisers who are filling jobs (and quite often letting their add run as ‘unfilled’ to fill other jobs) and bloggers who are reporting that they’re getting jobs.

Here are the most recent 10 jobs advertised:

As you can see there’s a lot of variety in the types of jobs being advertised with new ones being added every few days (sometimes a few a day). The best way to follow them as they are added is by subscribing to the feed.

To advertise for a blogger it’s just $50 for a 30 day advertisement – take out an ad with your PayPal account here.

Update – just had another advertiser mark his job filled with the comment “I have been overwhelmed with the number of responses – and the talent and caliber of those who responded.” – great times!

The 4 Hour Work Week Hits Top 10 on Amazon

Congratulations to Tim Ferriss who I Interviewed last week about his book The 4 Hour Work Week.

I just logged onto Amazon to check out how it’s ranking and he’s cracked the top 10 list!

Not bad for it’s first week of release. Well done Tim!

PS: the interview series with Tim was the most successful interview I’ve done on ProBlogger – thanks to everyone for the feedback and to Tim for putting so much time into it.

Write a Better Blog Series In One Sitting

This post was written by Glen Stansberry of LifeDev (feed). Check out LifeDev for tips to increase creativity and productivity in your writing.

If you’re wanting to generate a little bit of buzz around your blog, you might think about writing a blog series. I’ve found that they usually generate a fair amount of link love, and if anything it gives your regular readers something to look forward to.

However, writing a blog series isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It can be a daunting task, and the potential to stop halfway is very high.

I just wrote a blog series on digital vs. paper productivity tools, and while writing stumbled on a great little tip. I found that the best way to write a blog series is to write it all before you hit publish. Just by writing them all up, and use the advanced posting feature to automate the process over a few days (or however long your blog series is), you can kick back and watch your series take care of itself throughout the week. It’s a beautiful thing.

I know writing an entire series ahead of time sounds scary and daunting, but it’s really not that bad and it will pay off. Here’s why. [Read more…]

Personal Branding and the True Potential of Blogs

I’m a sucker for a diagram – here’s one that Raj Dash put together on a 901am post on personal branding and how bloggers are making a living from blogging and other related activities (click to enlarge).

While I probably wouldn’t plot myself quite as Raj has plotted me (I’ve earned money doing four of the areas in the last 12 months and will expand into the fifth in the coming 6 months) I think it’s a great diagram that shows the potential for blogging to play a part in helping to raise a profile to expand one’s indirect earning capacity (ie making money because of a blog rather than directly from a blog).

NB: Raj himself says that this might not be the most accurate diagram so I’m not knocking him here – but there are many other circles that one might add to it. Perhaps in comments below a constructive conversation might be along the lines of what else could be added.

I think a lot of entrepreneurial bloggers get so focussed upon that blue ‘website ads’ sector that they miss the real opportunity that faces them in related activities.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been as focussed upon that area as anyone – but the times when I’ve had the courage to step outside of what I know and expand my horizons have been the times that I’ve discovered how limiting just focussing upon blogs as a direct earner can be.