Speedlinking – 17 May 2007

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  1. Bassett says:

    Sorry, but I am getting a little antsy about signing up for the NY event … did I miss the link to sign up for that?

  2. Matt Wardman says:

    I missed the MyBlogLog comment if you made it earlier. On my blog – still small – I have had no real problems yet.

    Imho a lot of people did not realise how much information MyBlogLog would reveal about their own activities or how much it would reveal about their blog.

    I have posted a little more at the url below:

  3. That blog valuator’s pretty cool. I’m building a v2 as we speak to take other factors into account (like a blog’s growth). Will try and get it up tomorrow :)

  4. Hari says:

    WordPress 2.2 ! I’m lovin it. I upgraded all my blogs yesterday.

  5. Bixpeh says:

    I think you will also be interesting to look at a simple tool that provide an easy way to calculate revenue from contextual advertising for any site.

    Please, send me e-mail if you like it. Your feedback is important for me.

  6. The post on WordPress can be quite helpful, thanks for the link Darren. I’ve been reading a lot about errors that come up after download (missing Top Commentators, etc) and I think this will probably shed some light.

  7. wow, good news. WordPress 2.2 is downloadable now. I m gonna use it now…

  8. I have a wordpress blog, but I’ve been kinda too scared to do the upgrade. I hope the process gets easier that it looks right now.

    Maybe I’m just a wuss…

  9. Gili says:

    Thanks for the link love, much appreciated!



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