Blog Bash Postponed – But ProBlogger Meetup to Happen

I’m sad to say that the b5media/ProBlogger NY Blog Bash event that was planned for 9 June has been postponed. The issue was not the level of interest from those wanting to attend (I’m confident that we’d have come close to selling out looking at the expressions interest we received – but instead the issue was around timing (or the lack of time we had to pull off organizing a full day event).

I want to apologize to those who this effects – speakers, sponsors and attendees.

ProBlogger Meetup

While a full day long event is not possible I would still like to get together with NY bloggers for another meetup (like last time I was in town) – we can still have a party!

I’m pulling together a small group of NY bloggers to help me find a venue and will post details as soon as possible to give everyone time to plan. It’ll be a pretty informal night and unless a sponsor comes forward (shoot me an email) it’ll be a cash bar (everyone cover their own costs).

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  1. I’m so disappointed! :(

    If there is anything that we NYers can do to help you pull together an all-day event, do let us know! I, for one, can’t wait for this opportunity and will be happy to help.

  2. I wanted to personally apologize as well. This is entirely my fault. I should have helped the team step back and objectively evaluate this, but it just seemed like such a great idea, like so much fun and like such great time that it was hard not to get excited…

    Irrational exuberance or something.

    The good thing is that this means we can do a great event this fall.

    Sorry again to everyone :-(

  3. That’s very unfortunate; a lot of people have been looking forward to this event for a while now. Do inform us of any updates regarding the new date, Darren.

  4. Shai Coggins says:

    While it is disappointing, I know we can still get a party going. :-) Looking forward to meeting Problogger readers/bloggers in New York. See you there!

  5. Bassett says:

    Looking forward to the party. I live in Boston now, but will still try to make it down!

  6. Lara Kulpa says:

    *whispering tone* Hey everyone! Shhh! We’re super close to securing a locale for the meetup to happen! I’ve been talking with Darren and some others, and it looks like June 9th… a Saturday night (after the FOOA conference) – I’ll let Darren make the big announce, but don’t cancel your reservations just yet! LOL