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Which Feed Reader is Best?

Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of May 2007 RSS 234

FilenameTime for a little reader debate discussion.

Which Feed Reader do you use and Why?

Are you a Google Reader fan? A Bloglines junkie? Do you prefer NewsGator, Firefox Live Bookmarks or Netvibes? Or do you prefer to follow blogs via MyYahoo or iGoogle?

Which one do you use – why?

Leave us a mini review – it’ll be interesting to see what trends emerges from the discussion.

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  1. Definitely NetNewsWire

  2. Google Reader — It just works. Never had any issues with it and I’m a huge Google fan. I only wish it had search capabilities. Kind of weird coming from the search giant.

  3. I use Google Reader. I’ve to try others yet. So, Google Reader is simple to use.

  4. I’ve fairly recently recently moved to Google Reader and I’m finding it so easy to use I just wouldn’t use anything else at the moment.

    It has faults (like lack of search) but I’m finding it very good.

  5. it is bloglines all the way for me. and only because that was the first one i used, liked it, so have no reason to change. if it aint broke, dont fix it?

  6. Bloglines.

    It is interesting whether the results here will match FeedBurner’s stats?

  7. I use a build-in one in Opera (Opera is a free browser for those who don’t know)

    Works great for me.

  8. I like the application based reader over web based. It lets you know exactly how many new feeds are available as soon as they are posted. I also use bloglines though for when im traveling and away from my computer.

    I like Vienna the best as far as mac application based readers

  9. Google Reader.

    A couple of reasons:

    I can use it from any computer, and have it pick up where I left off.

    I can read through feeds quickly.

    I can use Google Reader to “Share” an item, and then it can show up in a little gizmo I have on my blog for everyone to see, under “I’m also reading”. I’ve always wanted to have something that let me post article titles like that, plus it points to new blogs for people to surf too. I realize that other readers can probably do this, but since I like Google Reader, it works nicely for me.

  10. Vienna at home, on the Mac.

    GReader at work, and elsewhere.

  11. Google Reader.

    Web-based, so I can access it everywhere.
    AJAXed, so it works very quick.
    Keyboard-controlled, so I can train my fingers, not mouse. ;)

  12. I use NetNewsWire Lite (free) on my Mac, as well as keeping some blogs (including this one) right on my google homepage.

  13. Rebecca says: 05/14/2007 at 12:37 am

    Google Reader rocks!

  14. I use NewsFire; I’ve experimented with them all, but I always come bact to this one… .

  15. I use google reader; mainly as I find keeping everything together in my google account very convienient.

  16. Darren: Which one do you use?

  17. I tested some online newsreaders a while back. I found that they were slower to display the feeds than my offline Akregator, a KDE feed reader for Linux.

  18. […] is the best feed reader? Interesting experiences. « előző | hirbehozo — 2007. 05. 13. […]

  19. Google Reader rocks….

    I simply love it … loads faster and has some cool stats (shich I dont use :P ). I was using NewsHutch earlier but it was too slow to load. So I switched to Google Reader.

  20. After using thunderbird for a will I first switched to Google’s personalized homepage because I work with different computers and operating systems and didn’t want to bother about keeping my subscriptions in sync.

    Then I switched to Google reader. It is easier to keep track of the feeds you have not read yet and I like the feature of starring feeds for reading them later. Another pro is that you can export your subscriptions as an OPML file. So I will propably switch to Gregarious, an open source web based feed reader, sometime in the furure for privacy reasons.

  21. Google reader here.

    Great system. :)

  22. iGoogle for now.

  23. I use Bloglines because it’s the first feed reeder I’ve used and I got used to the layout. It’s easy to read.

  24. I use Google Reader because I like the way it shows informations. I tried Netvibes but it becomes difficult to manage when you follow a lot of feeds.

  25. Though Google reader lacks design it is the best in usability…

  26. Google Reader because I don’t know anything else. It doesn’t make any sense that it doesn’t have a search feature though. C’mon king of search, let me at least search my feeds.

  27. Google Reader Rocks!

    I also use (believe it or not) … Mozilla Thunderbird. Right in your email. Very Nice.

  28. I switched from bloglines to google reader, very happy with it so far.

  29. Katrina says: 05/14/2007 at 1:25 am

    I use google, but I don’t use the reader, I use their interactive homepage. I don’t know if the platform is the same as their reader but I like using the homepage because I can add more than just feeds, I can add bookmarks, a calendar, notebooks, and a gmail box. It’s kind of like my online organiser.

  30. I would say NewsHutch ( is the absolute best online reader: it has no useless features like tagging, no bloated interface, and it’s minimal by design.

  31. Wow, I guess I am in the minority here. I use an offline, Windows reader. Great News is most common but I used to use Sharpreader which is also a good one

  32. Personally I’m a google reader user.

    Unfortunately, I’ve not really explored the “feed reader landscape” much, and I’m happy to have found netvibes, it looks incredible and I’ll be using it in the near future.

    Also, to the commenter above, there are two modules that I saw that allow you to write blog posts:



  33. I really like endo for Macs. Click on the link for a better explanation, but all in all it is aesthetically beautiful, organized, and powerful. For me that says a lot.

  34. Since I use a mac at home and a PC for work, a web-based reader is a must. I’ve played around with most of them, and used netvibes for a while… but Google Reader came out as the champ in my book.

  35. I use Windoze LP’s Internet Exploder 7’s Favorite system. Since I don’t subscribe to a lot of blogs, it does the job for me.

  36. Offline: BlogBridge – Beside being a powerful reader with server sync function BlogBridge also offers a great (and working) way to do easy reblogging with an integrated little editor and sends the articles directly to your blog. Recommended!

    Online: Gregarius Just this week I have installed Gregarius which is a pretty nice personal feed aggregator. Big advantage: Greagarius spits out an RS Feed for every (!) single page. I use this softawre to skim news headlines and flag articles as recommended by title. There is a reblogging plugin but I did not get it to work with my Textpattern XML-RPC.

    Alternative: As an online reblogging solution I would have loved to test reBlog but it has serious authentication issues on my server. Admin directory level is above reFeed level which makes http-authentication a pain in a restricted environment.

  37. I used to use Bloglines, I used to use Google Reader (both the old style and the new), but Netvibes has become my reader of choice. I find it far simpler to keep track of unread posts.

  38. I started using RSS feeds the day Google Reader came out, and I dont think I’ll ever go back. As for other readers…I only hear about people switching *to* GR, and not the other way around :-).

    I *think* Darren has said he uses Google Reader, but don’t hold me to it.

  39. Feeds 2.0

    I got a beta account about two months ago and I’m thrilled! It has a full ajax interface, its ultra fast and – most importantly – it learns my preferences and shows interesting feed posts at the top of the page!!

  40. Simple. Hands-down Netvibes is the best.

    Netvibes gives you a look at multiple posts from multiple sites – the fastest scan available. And the ability to review a post from a site or feed view makes surfing your subscriptions and posting comments a breeze…I’m doing it now.

    I’ve tried them all – Bloglines, Google Reader, Firefox, My Yahoo, Newsgator…absolutely none come close to Netvibes.

  41. Google Reader.

    Using Mozilla and some Grease Monkey scripts it works great.

  42. I prefer google reader for its simplicity. Ability to mark items as read or starred as you go.

  43. Switched to Google Reader from Bloglines about 6 months ago, and prefer it for speed, navigability, shortcuts, etc. I use an online reader exclusively now, as I flit between computers even in the same house. This may sound a little sad, but sometimes I ‘star’ a number of articles on my office computer, and then take the laptop on Wi-Fi to another part of the house and work on them. :)

  44. Thunderbird. Everyone’s there with one click..

  45. Firefox live bookmarks, which is not a big surprise since I wrote and still stand behind it. I don’t want to spend too much time reading online, and have to be quite selective in what I read, so just having the headlines makes that I have to chose based on just those instead of discovering that I have been reading for 3 hours.

  46. I use google reader ,and most of us use google reader,mine is the 13th vote for google so far among 48

  47. Firefox Live Bookmarks because they are always there, just sitting at the top of your browser. They are simple and easy to view.

  48. I’ve used Google Reader for as long as I could remember. I switch from PC to laptop to PC a lot, both for work and non-work related browsing, and I guess I’ve been so used to Google Reader that I never bothered to switch completely.

  49. I use both Google Reader and Netvibes and am in the process of making a decision which way to go. Right now, am leaning toward iGoogle because they’ve simply integrated so much that I’m getting vacuumed into Google world domination!

    But still haven’t made the final decision and have more back-and-forth examination of the two before zapping one of them

  50. Bloglines, simply because it was one of the first I tried that I liked and I just stuck with it. Easy to use, easy to see which feeds have been updated and “portable” across PCs.

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