Melbourne Bloggers Meetup – 23 May

Melbourne Bloggers – you’re invited to come out for an evening of fun and networking at the Melbourne Bloggers Meetup.

Follow that link for full details and to RSVP and come have a drink with me on Wednesday 23 May at the Horse Bazaar Bar in Melbourne’s CBD.

Pass on the invitation to anyone you think might be interested.

PS: for New York Bloggers – stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow with more details of the NY event that we’re planning for 9 June.

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  1. Merciful Zeus! I used to live 25 metres away from there! Dammit, right now I kind of wish I still did…..

  2. Travis says:

    I would go but, I’m only 15 and that would be pretty awkward for me:P besides i won’t be let into the bar anyways :(

  3. Still trying to move some things around so I could attend the NY event. In case I don’t make it, it sure would be nice to read all about it in one of your posts, Darren.

  4. Cool – I’m there and looking forward to seeing some faces … finally. :-)

  5. Cooper says:

    mmmm is this worth a flight down there from Townsville >_>
    Im tempted…


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