Five Free Tickets to Future of Online Advertising – First Five Win!

Are you interested in coming along to the Future of Online Advertising conference on 7-8 June in New York where I’ll be speaking (alongside some other amazing speakers).

I’ve got five free tickets to give to ProBlogger Readers – but you’re going to have to be very very quick because it is a first in best dressed scenario and your time starts NOW!

The first five people to email the organizers saying that they are ProBlogger Readers and want to attend FOOA will get the free passes (worth just under $1000).

Email them on – [email protected]

Good luck and I’ll see you in NYC.

PS: don’t forget that we’re holding a ProBlogge/b5media day long workshop and meetup in New York the day after FOOA. We’re getting close to confirming the date and a venue. Stay tuned. Leave your comments on the previous post if you are interested in coming to that event.

PS: If you miss out on the tickets or can’t get to NY – don’t worry, I’ve got another little free giveaway of a cash nature for you in the next few hours – something everyone can get – stay tuned.

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  1. Rehuel says:

    I’m not sure if I made the first 5, but I mailed them any way. I’m guessing that me mailing them has some benefits for you Darren, so I did it anyway. I’m not even sure I would be able to make it to NY by the first week of June.

  2. Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement I can’t get out of; however, I’m really excited about all your stories on the conference and the workshop when you get back.

  3. Roberta says:

    I tried, we’ll see what happens :)

  4. Maki says:

    I’ve just sent an email as well. I’ll love to attend, considering that I’m only an hour or so away from New York.. :)

  5. Will I ?! :P

  6. Darren,

    Is their pick-and-drop service still functional, if not ‘in-place’?

  7. Darren,
    I know the bigger cities usually host these events, but do you guys ever make it to any events in the Kansas City area? If not would anyone ever consider making the trip?


  8. Roberta says:

    If for some reason I can’t attend, could I get the conference in a box instead?

  9. I actually won.
    I wonder if 5,000 won, or just 5…

    In any case, they did a great promotion ;)

    See you there.

  10. Tino Buntic says:

    I made it. Thanks, Darren! This was the one I really wanted to go to.

  11. Scott says:

    Woot! I got one. Looking forward to seeing you again Darren. Can you bring me a box of Tim Tams? ;)

  12. Rehuel says:

    OK, now I HAVE to make sure I’ll be in NYC around June 7-8!! I’m in yoohoo!! Really looking forward to meeting you guys Darren.

  13. Dana says:

    How cool! I’m in, I’m IN! Now, how long does it take to walk to NY? LOL

  14. Ari says:

    Ok since people are wondering who number five is, I made it too. Thanks Darren. Now I just have to see if I can make it.

  15. Tony E says:

    As Ryan Carson put it: “I’m in!”

    Thanks for the hook-up Darren. I look forward to it, and your gathering the next day as well. The line-up of speakers is impressive, and you fit right in.

  16. Wolf Stone says:

    I wish i lived in NYC !!!

  17. Kumiko says:

    That’s more than five people claiming to win!


  18. Dana says:

    No kidding – wonder what’s up with that? Mebbe they just LOVE Darren’s followers :-P

  19. For all those who’ve read Darren Rowse’s post Five Free Tickets to Future of Online Advertising – First Five Win!, and couldn’t make it through; here’s something to be happy about:

    Ryan, CEO of Carson Systems, on the organising front, has exclusively offered a discount code. Check it out at,

    ‘FOOA discount code is in this blog post’ –

  20. Gary says:

    I got one too apparently! :)


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