Speedlinking – 28 April 2007

Just a few quick ones today.

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  1. louiss says:

    Another good reading day.,Darren, thanks for the link!

  2. Nicholas says:

    I’ve actually just discovered Cameron’s blog. It’s a quite interesting blog, I’ve already recommended it to a few friends. Thank you for the other links!!!

  3. Candida says:

    Why is it, “Just a few quick ones today” lead to hours of reading?

    The must read articles really must be read.

    Thanks for the excellent, informative post.

  4. dan1el says:

    Thanks for the mention Darren. A list like that wouldn’t be possible without great blogs like your own.


  5. I really wanted to catch up with some reading this weekend. Thanks for the “speedlinks,” Darren, they’ve been very helpful. I’m far from done, but a bunch of them have definitely been bookmarked for future reference.

  6. Hey Darren,

    This is Doug Barger. I really enjoy your blog. I happened to notice that you have the number one spot for Google search How to make money online. I know that could not happen by accident, so you must be doing many things right. When you have the chance, I’d like for you to do a professional review of my website. I am thinking of creating a blog for it and would like your expert advice/collaboration.
    Check it out at your convienence and drop me an email.

    Thanks for a wonderful experience,
    Doug Barger

  7. Hey Darren,

    Really loved the ’16 must read articles’ link. The articles made for a good reading.


  8. After hours of sitting in front of the PC I finally finished reading all those suggested posts. They were extremely enlightening — thanks again, Darren. Can’t wait for the next batch of good reads.


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