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Over the last few weeks I’ve had an influx of invitations to connect with people on Facebook. I’ve never promoted my page on this social networking site but as there seems to be some momentum on it I figure why not – so if you’d like to connect there please do via this badge.

Darren Rowse's Facebook profile

Also – if you’re interested in seeing what happens when some of the b5media team get together face to face check out some of Chad’s photos of the evening last night at a French restaurant in downtown Toronto.

PS: While we’re talking social networking – if you’d like to be my ‘friend’ or be ‘connected’ on other social network sites you might also like to do so at:


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  1. What about Virb? :) Ccc

  2. Matt Propst says:

    Darren I’d like to ask a question about being “linked-in” with people in social networks. I’ve found myself at times culling back my number of facebook friends and myspace friends. I do that because I realize that over time I’ve added the occaisonal “celebrity myspace account” or just people i realize i’ve only talked to once or twice after meeing them at a party or what have you.

    I’ve found myself saying “Ok, i’ve got (insert A-Lister) on my blogroll but have never received a linkback”. In your opinion how does increasing your social networking to these people help in actually networking with them. I think that having someone on your facebook or MySpace friends list is one thing, and actually communicating with them and networking, is something entirely different.

  3. Anthony C says:

    In response to matt’s question: I think it really only helps if you have actually chatted/emailed with them for awhile and you have gotten to “know” them online, then it may help a little :)

    Someone needs to make a social networking site for bloggers! That would be cool :)

  4. Gary King says:

    Darren, just a quick FYI: Chad’s Facebook album can’t be seen by anyone outside of his Friends list, because of Facebook’s privacy features.

  5. Chris M says:

    Matt.. I have been on facebook for quite some time now, as well as myspace, and I see exactly what you are saying! Facebook has the ability to create a group, which people can join. So what I did was create a group called iMod, being the name of my blog (, and allow people to join that freely, whereas my main profile remains just my friends!

    I think that this is a great service, and avoids the cluttering and collection of random contacts.

    Go take a look :)

  6. Brian Auer says:

    What about StumbleUpon!

  7. Jay Wilson says:

    Facebook has brought me lots of traffic from this one article I wrote about using civility in the NYC subway system. I have no clue ho the posting original made it to Facebook, I appreciate the numbers :)

  8. I’ve found MyBlogLog to be effective in building my base of readers and increased rankings so I’ll add this one to my repertoire as well. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Anthony C says:

    Martin, can you shed some light on just how it helped?

  10. Matt Propst says:


    I can comment on MyBlogLog because it has helped me to build up my readerbase as well. MyBlogLog allows users to browse blogs, and other users. For example when i’m logged into MyBlogLog and I browse here to ProBlogger, Darren has the mybloglog widget showing the last few visitors. By clicking on any of those visitors avatars you are sent to their mybloglog page which shows what sites they are authors of, and also which communities they are members of.

    Hope that helped.


  11. Sean says:

    Cool! I added ya, just to let you know.

  12. Kulbir Virk says:

    welcome to facebook :)

  13. Crazykinux says:

    Hey Darren,

    In case you haven’t noticed, you’ve got 2 different profiles on LinkedIn; one of which only has 3 connections. Thought you might want to know!

  14. I will check it out and give it a try, another two interesting Social Networking sites I have come accross recently is and some of these Social Networking sites produce great results if you get in when they first start up.

  15. Sorry that should have been and

  16. Matt Jones says:

    Great! I’ve added you as a ‘friend’ on FaceBook. :)

  17. Darren I have sent you an invitation to join your list of friends, my user name is seopractices.

  18. allsux says:

    Hehehe I’d send him one, but it sounds like I’ve missed the bandwagon on this one :P

  19. Gdog says:

    Thanks for the add, Darren. I feel so special!!

  20. MrsB says:

    I love myspace, but have yet to hear of mybloglog until now. Thanks for the unintended tip!

  21. pm says:

    Working Facebook as well. Still tweaking some admin settings for getting the content updated.