WordPress Plugins Directory

WordPress have added a Plugins Directory which will be a welcome relief to many WP users.

This is a great development from WP – one of the reasons it is so powerful as a blog platform is the large number of developers adding features to it via plugins – now we can find them!

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  1. carl says:

    thanks for the info darren! That is really a relief on us, so that we don’t have to search on other sites for plugins.

    thanks darren,
    carl of

  2. cd says:

    thanks. i just checked it, but there are not many plugins I need. most of them deal with rating, polling, and the like.

  3. Menguzar says:

    At last!

    It’s a relief for the users as well as plugin coders.

    As someone who has built a wp plugin (something about tracking outgoing clicks) in the past, trying to submit to wp plugin directories was a pain in the neck. We have one official now, thanks for the heads-up darren!

  4. Mae says:

    at last! It’s up, I’ve been waiting for this for soo long! :D These are the only plugins compatible with wp 2.1.2 right?

  5. Mae says:

    But there’s a flaw I just noticed, I wish they just put a list of categories like before instead of tags.. it’s easier to browse plugins that way don’t you think?

  6. Mike Panic says:

    It’s about time they did this!

  7. wpthemes says:

    Yes, this is indeed a welcome addition for the WordPress community.
    Plugins makes WP function even better, and thank God for plugins developers out there that does this for free.

  8. MTO says:

    Too bad they dont have a feed for new/updated plugins.
    But great news! :-)

  9. Brown Baron says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been waiting for this. I’m sure the number of plugins will increase in a few days.

  10. Ali says:

    oohh.. Finally!!!

    Thank you Darren for carrying the good news ;)

  11. skiper says:

    I think they need to categorized the plugins, not just tags

  12. Mani says:

    Excellent info Darren.Thanks very much.

  13. caturpw says:

    wp plugins directory really usefull to help blogger to upgrade their site.

  14. nakedjonny says:

    how do i get to the plugins directory

  15. fwboodol says:

    I am new here and looking to have a great time and learning experience
    within your community.

  16. Benoy says:

    This is the one I believe i was searching for. I receive a lot of emails for link exchange etc. and I was having a tough time maintaining. hope this helps out. will definitely give it a try! thanks for mentioning here.

  17. Benoy says:

    sorry, i misunderstood the “directory” thing – dumb dumb

  18. Directory says:

    Very informative article, which I found quite useful. Cheers ,Jay