What are Your Top 5 Blogging Tools?

If you had to choose 5 blogging tools that were the only ones you could use for the next 12 months what would they be and why?

I’m asking this because I want to put together a short list of recommendations on blog tools for a presentation I’m doing in a couple of weeks time.

By Blog Tools I am speaking pretty broadly and include:

  • Blog Platforms
  • Desktop Publishers
  • Metrics Packages
  • Promotional Tools
  • Content Sourcing Services
  • Design Tools

Basically anything that might help you to blog better (but not advertising networks).

Looking forward to your suggestions.

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  1. Jonathan-C. says:

    Photoshop, Fireworks


  2. Leo Piccioli says:

    Very easy: Blogger (or any other platform) / I feel like the ugly duckling not using WordPress

    All the rest is unnecessary. Bells and whistles that may be used, but should not be abused.


  3. Anita says:

    StumbleUpon – great way to find new material, surprised nobody else mentioned this
    WordPress with Akismet
    Photoshop – however, if I were to say 1 thing that I needed to be a better blogger, but didn’t have, it would be photoshop skills.

  4. Danny says:

    Blogger – Its very basic, but that’s what I started to blog with.
    Feedreader – I really need an offline reader.
    Pingoat – For pinging multiple sites at one.
    Photoshop CS – Bulky, but I am familiar with it.
    Addfreestats – to monitor Adsense clicks on blogger. Not perfect and misses many clicks, but haven’t found anything better (to use on blogger).

  5. Danny says:

    Blogger – Its very basic, but that’s what I started to blog with.
    Feedreader – I really need an offline reader.
    Pingoat – For pinging multiple sites at once.
    Photoshop CS – Bulky, but I am familiar with it.
    Addfreestats – to monitor Adsense clicks on blogger. Not perfect and misses many clicks, but haven’t found anything better (to use on blogger).

  6. ~C4Chaos says:

    1) Firefox
    2) Performancing FF plugin (for composing blogs and tweaking HTML before posting to the lame Typepad editor)
    3) Feedburner
    4) Google Reader
    5) Flickr

  7. Amit says:

    1) new blogger
    2) Firefox 2.0+
    3) FeedBurner
    4) technorati
    5) google reader
    6) gimp

  8. Thea Westra says:
  9. Darren says:

    1. WordPress: I love the flexibility, interface and the wonderful plug-in and theme development community. I really want to learn CSS well enough to create my own themes! I am using version 2.1.2 on
    2. Firefox: This is the best browser ever. especially with all the extensions available. My favourite of these is the spell checker which has improved my spelling out of sight!
    3. Scribefire for Firefox: The tool formally known as Performancing for Firefox is a great blogging extension which allows me to write and post directly from the browser.
    4. Google Reader: I am a recent convert to Google Reader and absolutely love it! It allows me to quickly keep tabs on everything that is going on in my blogosphere.
    5. Media Temple: As a web host these guys are the bees knees. Far better than any of the Aussue Web hosts I have used previously, and heaps cheaper!

  10. natnit says:

    I took the bait in your most recent edition of speedlinking, and wrote up a post of my own:

    5 Blogging Tools Not to Live Without:

    1. WordPress
    2: StatCounter
    3: Problogger
    4: StumbleUpon
    5: Amazon S3

    Explanations and reasoning abound in the post.

  11. Aziz says:

    1. Blogger (coz thats the blogging platform I use, and frankly speaking, it sucks big time… wish I could switch to wordpress)
    2. Google Reader
    3. Gmail
    4. Google Search
    5. Last but not the least – Google Analytics

    Seems like I am addicted to google.

    I still can’t survive with just 5, I need more:

    6. 103bees
    7. Statcounter
    8. Flickr

  12. Jim Duncan says:

    I neglected to mention It enables me to track conversations on other blogs without having to explicitly remember to revisit them.

  13. bloggadget says:

    1. Blogger

    2. Ad sense

    3. Google Toolbar

    4.Google Analytics

    5. Gmail

    I hope you like these?

  14. I have just 4 tools:

    1. WordPress,
    2. Firefox spell check plugin,
    3. Notepad++,
    4. my own head


  15. Justyn says:

    Google Alerts is priceless for me. I setup a very detailed list of search strings once, and it puts web and blog content in my mailbox every morning. Feeds and news are nice, but this picks up anything they might miss. It also allows me to easily find where my content is being re-used.

    A few more that didn’t get much mention;

    HitTail – Phenomenal!
    ConstantContact – for non blog/feed marketing
    WorkSpace Macro Pro – Automate ANYTHING
    MyGoogle – To get my day started

    Please publish a rolled-up summary of the responses!


  16. Alex says:

    1. Drupal. It just does everything, not only blogging, so well.
    2. gEdit
    3. Google Analytics, Firestats
    4. Hmmmm, visiting other sites and blogs that would be interested in my blog/site, and being constructive and informative
    5. RSS. Gregarius
    6. Bluefish and reading loads of APIs/guides

  17. buxx says:

    wordpress – for my weblog it self
    firefox – for reading news and blogging itself
    google reader – for fetching news
    google analytics – for the stats of my weblog
    flickr – for posting my own photos

  18. Andy says:

    1. Blogger
    2. My Own Code *
    3. Video (also my own)
    4. Ping-O-Matic
    5. Friends.

    * If you visit , you’ll find my company blog living happily there… it’s actually residing on, but pulled in on-the-fly to my website. It’s a great tool for increasing relevance and your overall footprint.

  19. 1. Google Analytics
    2. Technorati
    3. Google News
    4. Blackberry – to type up blog entry ideas on the fly
    5. WSJ – To keep a pulse on what people want to read about or are not getting through mainstream media

  20. SharonRot says:
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  22. Gage says:

    I am also new to blogging but have been developing web sites for a couple of years now. Quite a few great suggestions here in this post.

    One tool I have found to be very useful, especially for importing material and information from other web sites to your blog, is Clipamrks

    Very handy. Posts to your blog seamlessly and provides links back to the original site.

  23. IP says:

    1) Blogger
    2) WordPress
    3) Technorati
    4) Drupal

    are good one!

  24. Norhafidz says:

    1) WordPress
    2) Keyword tool
    3) Notepad
    4) Feedburner
    5) Spell Checker

  25. agentpx says:

    Here’s mine. From Start to Finish

    Top 10 Blogger tools you can count on”