10 Simple Ways Authors Can Help to Increase Sales at

An increasing number of bloggers are landing deals with publishers and writing books and one of the crucial aspects of a book’s success can be how it goes at Amazon.

Chris Webb has put together a list of 10 Simple Ways Authors Can Help to Increase Sales at which makes a lot of sense.

Authors who are bloggers have the added bonus of already having loyal readers to help keep the positive vibes in Amazon reviews going.

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  1. Bes Zain says:

    Good points. :) I am looking forward to the book you mentioned long time ago [though you may not have even started it ;)]. I am hoping to finish a few this year; “hoping” is always the keyword that comes to my mind for such a thing.

  2. Mathew says:

    Hello very much informative

  3. Kimber says:

    Loved this link.
    Sent it to all my writing buddies.

  4. One way to increase your Amazon revenue is turning the standard Amazon ads into “contextual ads” using the Amazon web service like this one. The contextual system is based on words contained in the title posts. Yes this is technical, but it’s worthed. I found this on the PHP-Nuke community, and this guy over there give an impressive name for: The AmaZense AKA the Adsense style of Amazon Ads. It is highly contextual.

  5. Chris Webb says:

    @ Cheques Gallery:

    My post was not specifically about increasing affiliate revenues – although selling your own books as an affiliate is mentioned as a way to further promote them. Instead I was trying to point out additional ways authors can become a part of the community to be sure their voice was a part of the conversation.