Digg To Stop Making Their Users Famous

Digg have decided to scrap the top Diggers list – as of tomorrow. This comes as a result of increasing numbers of people attempting to pay top users to get them on the popular page.

This will cause a big stir among some digg users (especially those who have built quite a reputation on digg) – but what do you think it’s impact will be?

I think one of the things that is behind the success of sites like Digg is that they make their users famous and give them incentive to build a reputation/profile. While it might not impact their day to day user I’ve already talked to one top 40 Digger who’s not particularly happy about it.

Kevin does say that they’re working on new ways of connecting and rewarding users – it’ll be interesting to see what they do.

Hat tip – Tony

AdSense Lower AdWords and AdSense Referral Threshold and Payments

It looks like AdSense might be changing their payment structure for their AdSense and AdWords referrals.

After a tip from a reader I just logged into my account and saw that today I have XX conversions for my AdSense referrals for a total of $XXX and X conversions for AdWords referrals for a total of $XX (not sure if I’m allowed to disclose actual figures – but the payout is $5 per conversion).

This is unusual for two reasons:

1. They usually pay $100 for a conversion for AdSense and $20 for AdWords.
2. I rarely get any conversions – it’s unusual to have 1 per week, let alone 35!

Either this is some sort of glitch – or this is a new approach to paying publishers for AdSense conversions. Perhaps instead of paying the $100 when a new publisher makes their first $100 (or when an Advertiser reaches $100 in advertising) they are paying a lesser amount at a lower earnings level?

I can’t see any official notice of this yet – but will be watching with interest.

Thanks to Wentworth for the tip

Update: The previous payout structure for AdSense and AdWords referrals was:

AdSense: When a user you’ve referred to AdSense first earns US$100 within 180 days, AdSense credits your account with US$100.
AdWords: When a user you’ve referred to AdWords signs up and spends US$100 within 90 days, AdSense will credit your account with US$20.

The 5 ‘Bloody Good’ Laws of Persuasive Blogging

I often am asked for the key elements of a successful blog – it’s something that I struggle to answer (as much as I’d like to be able to box it all neatly) as there are many slippery aspects to consider.

However today Brian writes The 5 Immutable Laws of Persuasive Blogging and gives some great foundational ‘laws’ to keep in mind if you’re wanting to build a persuasive blog.

I’d hesitate to call them ‘immutable’ (‘not able to change’ – I had to look it up too) – however they are ‘bloody good’ (as we Aussies would say).

10 Tools for More Efficient Webmastering

LeeDodd has put together a useful list of 10 Ways to Become a More Efficient Webmaster. It’s a list of 10 tools that he uses in the running of his numerous sites and forums.

They include a number of SEO tools that could be used for all types of websites. Interestingly he’s put free blog tools as his #1 (remember – he’s a forum guy). Nice list Lee.

Speedlinking – 2 February 2007

  • Jeremy’s just published the podcast of an interview that he did with Brian Axe from AdSense (he’s a group product manager) which is one of the more illuminating insights into AdSense that I’ve seen for a while. I won’t rehash the whole thing here as Jeremy’s written some worthwhile show notes on it but they do cover some interesting ground. Particularly interesting was Brian’s comments on YouTube’s user revenue model which is on the way – it’ll be quite AdSense like.
  • Wendy Piersall has put together a post with some of the lessons she’s been learning on her blog – including lessons on promoting RSS feeds, designing site navigation and more.
  • Another Interview – Aaron Wall has an interview with Brian Clark from CopyBlogger.
  • SEOmoz has a post on the usefulness of Stumbleupon for promoting your best posts.
  • Here’s a cool new WP plugin called Top Posts by Category that arranges you top posts by category arranged either by traffic or comment numbers.

Get your ProBlogger Blidget Here

I’ve just added the ability for readers to put a ProBlogger Widget on their blog’s sidebars using a new system called Blidgets by Widgetbox.

To use my widget you can get it at Widgetbox – ProBlogger Widget or click this icon.

Get this widget from Widgetbox

If you use it I’d love to hear about it – let me know in comments!

PS: I’ve made one for Digital Photography School too.

WordPress Custom Fields Contest – Win Great Prizes

Aaron is holding a contest for WP users who want to show the most effective use of the WP ‘Custom Fields’ feature.

Read details of the competition at WordPress Custom Fields Contest. I’m one of five judges (no bribes will be (publicly) accepted).

There are already some good prizes up for grabs including cash and goods at Amazon.

I think the competition is such a good idea that I’ve put up $100 of products from Amazon (winners choice). I think the more we support and celebrate innovative uses of features like custom fields the more we’ll improve collectively as bloggers.

Aaron would love to get more sponsors – so if you have a prize to offer shoot him an email.

Pay Per Post to Launch New Features

Pay-Per-PostClickz reports today that Pay Per Post is readying itself to launch some new features this Monday including the following:

  • 3 new video ad products – where advertisers can pay bloggers to create videos about their products, where they can run ads before and/or after the video reviews and where advertisers can give bloggers multimedia elements for their reviews.
  • targeting capabilities – letting advertisers target their opportunities to different segments of the blogosphere – categories.
  • a unit that combines disclosure of ad affiliation and a format giving more advertiser control – a pop up style box that shows who the message is sponsored by and that shows the advertisers logo (something that advertisers control the look and content of).
  • tiered blogger ranking payments – ranking blogs by their Alexa, Google and Technorati rankings so that higher profiled bloggers are paid more.

I’m glad that PPP has moved to a disclosure model over the last month or so and think that some of these new features make their service more useful both to bloggers and advertisers.

I’m not really a fan of pop up elements on a blog so the pop-up disclosure unit doesn’t appeal – however until I see it in action I’ll with hold judgement on it.

As I’ve said previously – I’m not really into writing paid reviews on a blog – however I’m not completely opposed to the idea IF there is disclosure. I also think bloggers should think carefully about the relevancy of the review they are doing to their blog and should put considerable effort into genuine and useful reviews.

I’ve actually see a few paid reviews lately that have both impressed and frustrated me. On the one hand I’ve seen a few bloggers writing genuine and useful reviews for products on their blogs.

In other instances some of what I’ve seen produced as paid reviews have been nothing much more than republished press releases or promotional materials – all this second rate ‘review’ does is frustrate and anger readers.

The key with successful paid reviews is similar to the key to successful content of any sort – make it worthwhile for your readers and you’ll not only earn a few extra dollars for your review but also help grow your blog into something worthwhile.

BlogAds Live linking Ads are beta testing a dynamic ad called ‘live linking’ ads which is a new ad unit that updates it’d headlines every fifteen minutes from an advertisers RSS feed.

Here’s an example of how one they’re testing looks.


It looks like an interesting ad style and one that is ideal for bloggers wanting to promote their own blogs.