Remove Performancing Partners Code from your Blogs

If you were participating in Performancing’s Partners Ad Network they are today asking you to remove Partners Code from your Blogs as today the program officially ends (as was previously announced).

I’ve taken the code off ProBlogger today but am still taking advertisers in the same position (just under the ‘Search ProBlogger’ section. 125 x 125 ads can be bought on a month by month basis there – limited to 4 advertisers as a time – shoot me an email for details.

What ProBloggers Can Learn from TechCrunch 20

Techcrunch20CI’m always fascinated to see bloggers launching new business ventures off the profile and popularity of their blogs. Today Jason Calacanis and Mike Arrington announced a new conference – the TechCrunch 20 – something that I suspect will be very popular.

The conference will give opportunity to 20 start ups to demonstrate their products/services to attendees. The demonstrators don’t pay anything for the demonstration – but attendees do and the conference will be sponsored by a small number of high level sponsors.

Obviously between them Jason and Mike have real profile (and readership) to leverage and this isn’t something that the average blogger would be able to do – however it illustrates two important principle of making money from blogs

1. Indirect Methods of Leveraging Blog Profile – It illustrates that sometimes the best ways to do it are not through direct methods like advertising or affiliate programs. Instead – what’s they’re doing with TechCrunch 20 is an indirect money maker that leverages the profile and traffic that MIke and Jason have built up over the years. It’s these indirect ventures where the real potential lays for many bloggers.

2. The Power of Collaboration – TechCrunch 20 also illustrates the power of networking and collaboration. If Jason or Mike had gone for this alone they would probably have done reasonably well – but working together they are likely to achieve a lot more. Just the fact that they are launching this together creates a buzz – their different skill sets and networks will only make it a stronger venture.

Bring these two principles together around your own niche (once you have some profile in it) and the possibilities for new ventures could be endless.

I’d love to hear your examples of these principles. I can think of a few from my own experience:

  • Six Figure Blogging – Andy and I came together to launch a product on a topic related to our experience
  • Elite Retreat – 6 bloggers meeting together to present their knowledge to a small group of others wanting to network and learn
  • b5media – a small number of bloggers coming together to explore how they can collaborate, share their expertise and leverage their profile – the result, a new blog network.

Each time I’ve done this type of thing I’ve learned and relearned the power of collaboration and looking for indirect ways of leveraging a blog.

What have you (or others) done that illustrate these principles.

How do you Find Stories for Your blog? – Open Mike

On the weekend I asked readers to submit their tips on how they find readers for their blog in an ‘open mike’ discussion – the results were pretty good (it’s done pretty well on Digg today – I hope some of those featured got some good flow on traffic).

Today I’d like to open up a discussion around another question.

Where do you Find Stories for Your Blog?

I’m interested to hear from bloggers of all varieties (news bloggers, tips bloggers, business bloggers etc).

  • Where do the ideas from your stories come?
  • What tools do you use to find them?
  • What blogs/sites/offline sources do you use to track them?
  • How do you work out which stories to write about and which to leave out?

I’m really after any tip that you’ve found helpful in keeping your blog up to date with interesting, useful and unique content. There’s no wrong or right answers – no tip is too simple or advanced.

Looking forward to reading your wisdom – hopefully we all can learn a thing or two in the process.