Speedlinking – The Reader Edition

Update: Time is Up – No More Submissions Please

Don’t you hate it when you work on a post and then the blog gremlins come and eat it before you hit publish? I had a 8 point speedlinking post all set to go in ecto and it crashed…. grrrr….

So lets turn this into an opportunity.

Submit your favorite ProBlogger-ish links written in the last 4 days and I’ll include them in my next speedlinking tomorrow.

The Rules:

  • One link per person
  • They must be related to my topic here (ie help people improve their blog, copy writing, SEO, advertising, online money making type posts (see previous speedlinking posts here, here and here for what I normally do)
  • Links should be no more than 4 days old (ie they must have been written after 11 February – you can write one specifically for this if you’ve got time!)
  • They can be yours or someone else’s.
  • They should be useful to ProBlogger readers
  • Submit them via my contact form
  • Links need to be in by 5am tomorrow (my time – that’s 12 hours away)
  • Please include the link you’re submitting – your name, your URL and why it’s interesting in 10 words
  • I reserve the right not to include some (either for lameness, spamness or because I get too many to know what to do with)

Lets see what we come up with.

Update: Time is Up – No More Submissions Please

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  1. John says:

    Darren. Your computer crashed or your blog? Do blogs crash?!?

  2. Glenn Wolsey says:

    Thanks for the opportunity for readers to get some extra exposure Darren.

  3. Michael says:

    This is a great opportunity for people to get some exposure. Anyways, I’ve submitted mine, but I won’t re-post link as I don’t want to spam.

  4. Darren Rowse says:

    John – no, ecto crashed…. my blog editor. First time it’s ever happened.

    Glenn and Michael – got your submissions.

  5. Written and submitted.

  6. Scott Howard says:

    Thanks again Darren. Like I have said before, ProBlogger has been the most influential blog in my education of the blogosphere and it has also moved my rankings down in Technorati more than any other single concept. Keep up the good work.

  7. Derek Hail says:

    I have to thank Darren too. Because of this blog, I can now consider myself a Pro Blogger.

    If it wasn’t for this blog, I doubt I would be half as successful as I am right now

  8. Susie J says:

    Sent my submission — in exactly 10 words.

  9. Working hard at Adeo


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