Future of Online Advertising – June 2007

FooaJust a quick update to my previous upcoming schedule post. I’ve just confirmed the second New York dates.

I’ll be speaking at FOOA (Future Of Online Advertising) on 7-8 June. It looks like a pretty good lineup of speakers that they’ve already announced including Steve Rubel, Steve Olechowski from Feedburner, Chas Edwards from Federated Media, Jeremy Allaire from Brightcove and a whole heap more.

It looks like a worthwhile schedule and a pretty cool location (Gotham Hall – I wonder if there will be many Batman jokes).

This trip will probably be something of a whirlwind – I might be there a day or two either side but the March/April schedule will have more time for meetups.

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  1. Kumiko says:

    I think you’d look good in a Robin costume personally…”Holy invalid Adsense click Batman!!”

    Best of luck,

  2. Steve Rubel says:

    More importantly we’ll get to meet. We must spend some quality time together. There goes my excuse for planning a trip to Australia! JK Oh and Gotham Hall is right down the block from my office, um Bat cave. :-)

  3. Darren Rowse says:

    Kumiko – scary stuff (ie me in a Robin suit). It’s been years since I wore Lycra…

    would love to spend some time with you Steve – lets try book something in!

  4. Uh – where is the CHICAGO trip?

    *tapping foot with the rest of us Chi-town bloggers and the FeedBurner staff*


  5. Darren Rowse says:

    well there is an elite retreat scheduled for Chicago in July – I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to it (three trips to the US in four months probably won’t fly at home) but there could be more if they take off.

  6. Bring V and the baby with you – you can all crash here. :)

  7. Darren Rowse says:

    hehe – well they are definitely coming on the first trip – so we’ll see how that goes :-)

  8. Armen says:

    I was just about to say, all that travelling must be difficult with the baby now. It’s not exactly ideal.

    However, it must be cool being invited to speak along with a line up like that.

  9. eric says:

    i think the Joost is much pramitive according to TVKoo, the CHinese p2p live video software. Try the amazing webTV by TVkoo.

  10. fauzan says:

    wish u best of luck..

    hope i could get part into the conference too
    but honestly i can’t….

  11. sanya says:

    where to find promotional code for registration at FOOA?


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