Remove Performancing Partners Code from your Blogs

If you were participating in Performancing’s Partners Ad Network they are today asking you to remove Partners Code from your Blogs as today the program officially ends (as was previously announced).

I’ve taken the code off ProBlogger today but am still taking advertisers in the same position (just under the ‘Search ProBlogger’ section. 125 x 125 ads can be bought on a month by month basis there – limited to 4 advertisers as a time – shoot me an email for details.

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Done and done, but what I want to know is if they emailed the respective publishers, because I didn’t find any emails in the inbox today… I removed the code a long time ago, but I’m wondering if it will still work for those who haven’t heard about the shut down or will it just collapse the space in which the code was in?

  2. brem says:

    It’s too bad. It was a promising channel.

  3. Here’s a question I didn’t see answered on their site maybe someone else knows the answer (I could be blind of course) , will I get paid for the last month of advertising I did?

    This is why I’m keeping it on until midnight tonight.

  4. Enrique says:

    Is there any other similar service like this one?
    I’m doing fine with TLA but they don’t do those 125×125 banner ads so popular now.

    I Also have Adbrite (for just a week so far) but I must admit that I only placed the code and never took the time to read more about all the options.

  5. Darren Rowse says:

    I’m told payments will be made to everyone that is owed money.

    I don’t know of any other service that automates the process at this point.