Live ‘Net Income’ Interview in One Hour

Just a quick reminder – I’ll be appearing on Jeremy’s radio show (Net Income) in an hour at Webmaster Radio. I hope you can drop by and say G’day in the IRC room or even call in with a question.

For those unable to listen in live – there will be an archived version go up sometime after the show.

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  1. I’ll be listening :D .. look forward to hearing your voice, it’s always nice to put a voice to the face.

  2. Jamdo says:

    Nice interview there Darren.

  3. Darren Rowse says:

    thanks – that was fun. Looking forward to meeting Jeremy in person in March at elite retreat.

  4. Googlaxy says:

    It’s was so fast… Darren, can I suggest you something? Why don’t you add a category to ProBlogger called “Darren’s Interviews”? It’ll be nice to have an audio repository…

  5. Ryan says:

    Great tips in that interview Darren. Thanks.

  6. Mike says:

    Great interview. I will be downloading the podcast to listen again.

  7. Will says:

    I just missed it :( but looking forward to the archived version.

    Is there anyway of finding the actual time of posts? I wasn’t sure when “in an hour was”.

  8. dud says:

    hey, i asked this q on shoemoney’s site but it got lost or spam filtered or smth.

    what’s that website or or or or smth? the one which shows the list of q’s from queries.


  9. Darren Rowse says:
  10. Enjoyed the interview, Darren! Was my second time hearing you, the first being on G’Day World.