Speedlinking 15 January 2007

I’m back from my week off and now the massive task of clearing my inbox and sorting through the many thousands of unread items in my news reader begins.

In doing so I’m going to do a few speedlinking posts over the next 24 hours to catch up on some of the news that broke while I was gone and to point to some of the more useful links that people have recommended. Here’s part 1 of what I missed while I was away:

  • I’m being interviewed on Shoemoney’s Net Income Show on Wednesday (my time – or Tuesday night US time) and Jeremy is inviting people to submit questions for the interview – those of you unable to listen in live can download it later.
  • There’s been quite a few emails in my inbox asking if Google have done a page rank update of some kind. From what I can see there’s definitely been a reshuffle going on.
  • Yaro has been writing a series asking Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Professional Blogger? (3 parts so far) which unpacks some of the issues around going Pro and what it takes.
  • theSandbox has a WP plugin that might be useful for bloggers wanting to rotate ads in their blog called WPAds
  • If you’re in the Amazon Associates program you might well be one of the many publishers who get frustrated with the hit and miss timing on the reports that they give. Some days they are on time, other days they are late and some days they don’t show up at all. Gene at AffiliateBrand has put together a free service to notify publishers the moment daily reports are posted.
  • Nick Wilson has resigned from Performancing and Chris Garrett is the new CEO – while we’d all seen the changes going on at Performancing this past few weeks this was something of a surprise to me. Good luck to both Nick and Chris in the transition.

More speedlinking later today.

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  1. David Airey says:

    I hope Wednesday’s interview goes well for you Darren.

    All the best,


  2. Andrew says:

    Good to hear you’re back Darren.

    Yes, I’m very interested to hear about what’s going on with google as it seems your site has gone to PR0 at the moment–I assume you’d like to know what happened as well.

    I’m definitely going to have to read that series since I’m very pleased to see someone approaching professional blogging from the perspective of starting a blog for business purposes from the get-go instead of the usual deal where people try to monetize a personal blog they’ve already got up–I’m interested in how the two perspectives compare.


  3. Pedro Pais says:

    About Google Pagerank… Something surely did happen!
    My blog, which is roughly 1.5 months old, has jumped from PR0 to PR4!!! I’m so proud :)

  4. Nicholas says:

    I’ve seen Yaro’s series and it’s definitely worth a read…

  5. There certainly has been a page rank update as it looks like my site has gone from PR0 to PR3 with this latest update. Man was I floored when I saw that.

  6. Yeah, I agree with Nicholas above, Yaro’s series is definitely worth reading if you are attempting to become a pro blogger. He does get a bit eccentric at times with his writing,but all of his articles are well worth the read.

    Good find with the WPAds plugin, by the way.

  7. My blog’s PR has been fluctuating. It went to 5, then 4, then 5, then back to 4, although some pages are higher. Beats me.

  8. Yaro says:

    Eccentric…aww, thanks :-)

    As long as that doesn’t mean I have to write shorter articles…

  9. Andrew says:

    Congrats Darren–you’re back to PR7!!

    Yaro! When I went through Darren’s link to that article series I thought it was complete! Bugger. Hurry up! :D