Top 100 Blog for Sale

Jeremy Wright has just announced that he’s brokering the sale of a fairly significant blog in his MASSIVE Blog for Sale post. He doesn’t say what blog it is but gives a few hints that it’s a fairly sizable one:

‘This is one of the defining blogs in the industry. When I go to conferences and mention the blog, and the author, I get an “oh yeah!” kind of response. Everyone knows this blog. It’s no Engadget, but it is in the top 100 blogs in the world (in every measure but Technorati, which is inherently flawed since it counts all time links).’

Jeremy’s talking sale prices in excess of the $40,000 mark and will be starting an auction later in the week. Fascinating!

Building Blog Traffic Podcast

If you’ve got a spare 38 minutes and 9.1 megabytes of space on your computer or iPod you might like to listen to me talking with Yaro on the topic of Building Blog Traffic. We recorded it a few weeks back – it’s pretty informal but might be helpful to some!

9 Ways to Screw Up Your Professional Blog

Today I spent a few hours surfing through this blog’s archives as part of my annual review. One of the many things I noticed is that there are many articles on how to improve your blog and hardly any on how to totally screw it up.

I thought it was time to rectify this and so tonight am proud to present my top 9 ways to screw up your Professional Blogging Career:

1. Ignore Ad Network Rules

Every ad network and most affiliate programs have sort of list of rules, regulations or terms of service that are very helpful for screwing up any hope of making money with them. If I was hell bent on ending my career as a blogger I’d start by flouting these sorts of rules. It’s very difficult to earn a living from blogging if the people who hand out the money boot you out of their networks. Rules like clicking on your own ads, asking others to click on your ads, telling everyone in minute detail all the details of your earnings stats, breaking swearing rules, writing about gambling, explicit content, changing ad codes – all these things and more can quickly ensue your evacuation from ad programs like AdSense, Chitika and YPN. Do this and you’re well on the way to screwing up your ProBlogging Aspirations. PS: an especially good way to kill a few birds with one stone is to run YPN, AdSense and Chitika Contextual Ads all on the one page at once.

2. Make Big Claims that Won’t Follow Through on

Once you’ve pissed off the advertisers it’s time to start messing with the minds with your readers. One great way to get them offside and leaving your blogs in droves is to constantly make massive claims and promises that you never follow up on. Constant announcements about your grand visions and plans that never eventuate, biting off much more than you can chew and generally big noting yourself and your achievements as a blogger when you’ve got nothing more to brag about than the fact that you know how to make words bold or in italics – yep all these things are sure to make your readers not only leave – but do so angrily.

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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog – Interview with Yvonne Divita

There’s a useful recording over at Andy’s blog if you’re wanting to build traffic on your blog. It’s an interview with Yvonne Divita from Lipsticking blog on the topic of How to Get Traffic to Your Blog. It’s pretty basic information but it’s good and it’s free. I’m listening to it now and found Yvonne’s thoughts on editorial calendars useful. I probably wouldn’t use it here at ProBlogger as strictly as she does – but it would be a useful way to start out and keep variety on a blog.

ProBlogger Motivational Posters

I’ve just been having a bit of fun with the Flickr Motivator Toy.

Maybe I should get into the motivational poster business :-) (there’s a second one below the fold).


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AdSense Advanced Referrals Reports – Coming Soon

One of the common complaints I’ve seen from AdSense publishers is a lack of detail in their referrals stats. Inside AdSense gives a hint that this will change with their post – A referrals refresher:

‘We’ll soon be making ‘Advanced Reports’ available for referrals. This will allow you to see referral stats over any specific time frame you desire.’

Apple Lust

Apple Mac lovers everywhere are like kids in candy stores today – nervously checking their credit card limits to see what new toys they can afford.

There are a few new things that interest me:

Updated Keynote – ok this won’t be number 1 on most people’s list – but I love Keynote. I do a lot of public speaking and it’s a tool (like Powerpoint for those of you who are not Apple people) that I find is one of the best ads for Macs as people always come up to me after a presentation to ask about it. I also use it to create graphs and diagrams here at ProBlogger (again every time I do people ask about it as it produces beautiful graphics). Anyway it’s been updated. I’ll definitely be getting a new copy.

iWeb – As mentioned a few days ago here in my linkdump – Apple have included a new application in their latest iLife collection (which I’ll have to get now they’ve updated iPhoto and iMovie) called iWeb. I’m yet to fully investigate but they are promoting it like this:

The Internet is calling. Answer. Use iWeb to create websites, blogs, and podcasts — complete with photos, movies, and music — and get them online, fast. Just drag, drop, and design using your choice of web templates, then publish live to your .Mac account.

Sounds interesting – While I suspect it will be basic, Apple are definitely moving into a new media kind of space.

MacBook Pro – Ok I can’t justify this having got a new PowerMac – but a boy can dream. It’s 4x faster than the old Powerbook and is Apple’s first dual core intel inside laptop. It’s also slimmer, has a brighter screen and runs quick. Nice!


Of course there are new Intel iMacs but I’m not really an iMac guy and a new iPod Radio Remote – but it’s the above new products that got my attention this morning.

PS: apparently Tiger is updated today too which will be good (although I’m not seeing it as an option to update on my software updater yet).

b5media Reflections – 4 Months In

If you’ve got some bookkeeping skills you might like to head over to b5media where we’ve just advertised that we need someone like you.

In other b5media news – with the last few blogs that we just launched (3 more from the merger) we now have 63 blogs (and over 40 bloggers) in the stable. We’ve stopped taking applications for new blogs but have a few more still to launch from the last round and from internal bloggers starting new ones.

It’s hard to believe that we only launched the network under 4 months ago. The growth has been quite staggering. 63 blogs and 9 channels (we just launched video games and a science/health channels which have been popular) so far. It seems we’ve expanded very quickly but one of the things that I realized today is that for every blog that we’ve started there is at least another 5 that we’ve passed on. The numbers of applications were above our capacity to act on (and at times there were too many to even process).

Phase Two – We’ve got many things to work on still but I’m looking forward to the next phase where we slow down expansion and turn up the heat on getting our current blogs to the next level. As with any new business it’s easy to loose track of the little things in the rush to get established and we’re more than aware of a number of areas we can improve in.

Social Blogging – One of the things I’ve been amazed about with the new network is the large numbers of bloggers who have a desire to belong to something bigger than their own blog.

In speaking to many of our bloggers and asking why they wanted to join b5, the topic of making money was almost always lower on the list than I’d expected. While b5media is a commercial venture it is also emerging to be a social and relational one.

I’m not saying that we’ve arrived on the relational level – but for many of our bloggers the major benefits have been the relationships that they’ve formed with other bloggers and the networks that have opened up.

update: no sooner had this post gone live that we launched two more blogs. I guess we’re up to 65 now…. although I could have miscounted :-)


Kevin Rose is predicting (or seems to have some inside word) that Steve Jobs will announce Photocasting (via iPhoto) in his keynote address in a few hours.

Photocasting – interesting. Note sure how that differs from the Flickr plugins for iPhoto – but time will tell.