ecto for Windows 2.2 released

Blog desktop editor ecto for Windows 2.2 has been released. New features include:

  • Added Flickr Search support for image upload.
  • Added more robust data saving to guard against OS crashing.
  • Added support for CSS style/class for image upload.
  • Added support for generic tag format (e.g. Ultimate Tag Warrior)
  • Added’s Quick Blog to the preset list of blog type in Profile Creation Wizard.
  • Added check for default RSD location before checking blog index page HTML header.
  • Added initial support for the new Google’s Blogger beta using the GData library.
  • Added Image option to Create Link window.
  • Added extra options for different type of posting entry data time.
  • Added profile backup and restore to file capability.
  • Added Paste Special option to Post window with capability to paste text as unformatted text or strip out MS Word formatting tags.
  • Updated Amazon Search to include new product types.

There’s also a lot of bug fixes.

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  1. Darren – I recall you being a user of ecto but you’re mac man – would you recommend the windows version? I’ve tried most of the desktop editors out there and nothing appeals to me.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    yeah – while I strongly recommend the mac version I can’t vouch for the Windows one as I’ve not used it yet (maybe soon). I’d heard the previous versions of the Windows ecto were not as good as the mac one – not sure how much this really catches it up.

  3. I like the interface and that it’s not based on Java (Quamana is perfect, except the java it’s based on ruins it) – but sigh!!! I can’t get ecto to find my blog – my guess it has to do with xmlrpc.php

    Oh well, it’s off to their forums…

    BTW, someone should do a thorough review/comparison of all the blogging editors out there – I’m sure it’ll be a sticky winner.

  4. Deborah says:

    I am a mac user and love ecto. I also use a Dell laptop and tried using ecto and had problems right off the bat with installation. Files were missing!
    I deleted and tried again only to find then some functions did not work at all. My post would only half load.
    I was really disappointed with the image editing, not anything like the ecto for mac.
    So what am I saying here?
    Still not enough updates for me to use on the Dell, I am currently using Post2blog for my laptop blogging.

  5. Khurrum says:

    Martin Neumann> Nothing wrong with java ;) . Try downloading SE6

    I have the windows version. I used to use it all the time but these days I’m actually liking MS Live writer more. I’ll try ecto 2.2 and see if it’s gotten any better.

  6. Darren says:

    Martin, I couldn’t get Ecto to work properly for a long time, and it turned out my web host was filtering/restricting access to xmlrpc.php. It wasn’t something they told me about, and it took me a lot of asking similar questions multiple times, but eventually I got a tech support person who knew what I was talking about and fixed it.

    It works fairly well for me now (I’m using the Mac version).

  7. UltraRob says:

    Has anybody used GoDaddy’s Quick Blog? If so what’s your impression of it? On a somewhat related note, my blog is on blogspot and I’ve considered moving it either to GoDaddy or at least publishing it to my site instead of having it at a blogger URL. I don’t have a huge number of inbound links but at least a few dozen. I’m assuming at least half of them wouldn’t get updated if I move URLs. I’m worried about what it would do to my Google rank.

  8. Khurrum – you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with java – just that it totally slows down an application (and freezes up quite a bit) on my PC – I had this discussion on my blog a while back and many felt that way and even one of the people behind Qumana said if they could start again they wouldn’t have used Java.

    Darren – yep, you’re right. xmlrpc.php is where the problem lies. I’ve tried Deborah’s (#4) suggestion Post2Blog and same problem.

    Guess it’s off to my web host.

    Next step is to decide between Ecto and Post2Blog – both look good. :-)

  9. UltraRob – you can either do it now while you don’t have a lot of content and not many incoming links, or you can do it later when it’ll be a much bigger job and much more disruptive. You really need to control your own domain if you want control over your destiny.