What are People Searching for Online This Christmas

Epiar Market Research Blog has put together an interesting list that tracks what ‘Christmas’ things people are searching for online this year. Here are the first 8 items on the list. They are estimated searches as measured across all search engines.


See the full list at Christmas Wishes Expressed in Internet Search

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  1. I haven’t yet figured out how to get through December without seeing a slump in ad revenue. I’m not actually running a “product” or service based blog. So in December, my traffic starts declining throughout the month, and picks up again in January. Worse, my CPC seems to decline a bit as well. The same thing happened last year…

  2. Hotel says:

    In my statistic word “Christmas light” also popularly

  3. My CPC jumped at the end of November and into the first week of December. Then it declined and, although my traffic is still growing, people are not clicking ads as much. I think many people are busy shopping and less interested in what I have to say right now, so I am trying to serve my regular readership.

    However, I am getting a huge flow of people searching for “cheap” and “discount”.

  4. Louis says:


    I have the same the exact trend on my main website each year, but then usually January is a more than excellent month.

    My main website is neither service nor products oriented.

  5. Im surprised that more people did not search for food items or recipes. Im sure there were plenty of families who were gathering to try somthing new instead of the “traditional” recipies. For new years my family wants to have a chinese themed dinner.

  6. 50 Blogs says:

    I hope thousands are looking for great value blog links. :)

  7. Curtis says:

    Nick – This report shows people’s searches for Christmas food & recipes. I know I’ll be searching for Christmas baking next week!

  8. J McKenna says:

    I enjoyed your post and have bookmarked your site. ~ Jeremy