Speedlinking – 15 December 2006

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  1. Hi Darren & Everyone!

    Thanks for the updated SPEEDLINKING article reference :)
    I’m off to read it now ( right after I send a VOTE to your site ! )

    Good Luck Darren !

  2. I’ve been voting for ProBlogger. Fingers crossed you can leap ahead in the rankings !!!

  3. Brian Clark says:

    Yaro really did do a good job, didn’t he? He made me talk more than I realled wanted to. :)

  4. 50 Blogs says:

    Peak in 2007? Blogs will continue to increase in popularity in my opinion. Blogs are still very unknown to so many in the world today. But also, blogs are so easy to make compared to making a web site.

    I can see 2007 making a big impact for blogging but I don’t see it ending there. I believe blogs have a huge future.

  5. I believe that blogging is still in its infancy and will continue to grow in 2007 and on to 2008

  6. Good luck winning, Darren.

    With all those mindful articles on how to write for a blog, I just couldn’t avoid giving you my vote…

    As for blogging slowing down – I think that the article refers to people who use blogs for personal journals. I just cant see why people would predict it to go down, despite it being one of the highlight of many marketing seminars for building meaningful relationships with customers.


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