Best of ProBlogger – 2006

2006 was a massive year for me both on a personal level but also on a blogging front.

I became a Dad in July, V and I took a couple of interstate trips, I travelled to Canada, I started a new blog and forum at Digital Photography School, b5media went to a new level after securing investment (and had lots of highs and lows along the way), I met and got t know a lot of great new bloggers… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here at ProBlogger it has been another busy year of posting with 1242 new posts going up on the blog (including this one), around 1.6 million visitors and 3.7 million page views (estimates – I lost my stats when changing servers), many thousands of comments, surviving being hacked, starting job boards and more.

Today I spent a few hours surfing through the last year’s archives reflecting upon the year that was. I try to do this type of review on each of my blogs both out of interest but also to analyze what did and didn’t work over the year so that I can improve for future years.

I looked at a lot of stats today but also made a list of blog posts that were successful (both on a comments/discussion level and on a traffic level). Here is a summary of the year that was with a short description of the month as well as a list of the most commented upon posts and other posts that did well in terms of traffic (or that I was proud of).

I hope you enjoy this trip back through the year of 2006 at ProBlogger.

Warning – Be warned there are a lot of links to follow (143) and it might just take you a good part of the next year to read them all – however for newer readers it might prove a useful way to catch up on what we’ve been up to.


122 Posts – The start of the year was a touch slow last year as I took a week off over the New Year break and left the blog with a few advance posts and some great guest posters but by mid January things were kicking along again with a little controversy to get things going.

Most Commented Upon Posts (# of comments)

Other Posts


144 posts – This month was where I ran the Blogging for Beginners series of posts. It was one of the most exciting months of blogging I’ve had as I got back to basics. Traffic went up, reader interaction was great and the posts in the series remain some of the most popular posts on the blog to this day.

Most Commented Upon Posts

Other Posts

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Chitika Send Top Publishers iPods

Ipod-ShuffleGoogle sent their top earners digital picture frames, YPN sent sweatshirts and in the last few days Chitika publishers have started getting their gifts – ipod shuffles.

Very cool idea and something practical that I’m sure will get a lot of use.

I’m not sure what the cutoff point was for who got one and one didn’t but have seen a few publishers talking about them.

Thanks Chitika.

Seeing out the Year as Spiderman

What better way to end the year with a bit of fun by working out what super hero describes me best.

Nothing too serious here – but it’d be interesting to see someone aggregate results from a range of bloggers to find out if any super hero dominates!

Anyway – here are my results:

Picture 10

Click here to take the “Which Superhero am I?” quiz…

Blogsmith Blog Platform to launch in early 2007

Powered By
901am has interesting news today about the blog platform (Blogsmith) behind the Weblogs Inc blog network.

David reports that Blogsmith to launch in early 2007 and become available for bloggers to use. I’ve not seen the backend of Blogsmith but it will be interesting to see how it compares to other platforms available.

What is Your Blog’s Elevator Pitch?

Des from Business and Blogging was asked a couple of weeks ago to describe his blog in 10 words or less. His description was:

“How blogs work, or don’t, to support business goals.”

I guess mine would be my catch cry – ‘helping bloggers earn money’.

I think it’s a good exercise to do, particularly at this time of year when everyone is so focussed upon refocusing for the year ahead. In a sense this is the elevator pitch for your blog and can be useful both in getting the purpose of your blog clear in your own mind but also in promoting it and sharing it’s vision with others.

How would you describe yours in 10 words or less?

How to Get Multiple Amazon Associates Tracking IDs (channels)

Have you ever wanted to be able to track your Amazon Associate program’s performance with channels (like you can with AdSense and Chitika)?

I’ve heard a number of publishers complaining about this and even a few saying that they have multiple Amazon Associate accounts for this purpose.

It seems that Amazon actually do have the capability to allow for this type of tracking without having to have multiple accounts (which incidentally isn’t a great idea as it decreases the numbers of sales credited to your account which in term means your % earnings goes down under the tiered system).

Gene writes that all you need to do to be able to track your individual Amazon Associates campaigns is to ask for it by emailing them at [email protected] and telling them:

1. Your main Associates ID.

2. “I would like to receive XXX Associates tracking id’s to track multiple campaigns I am planning to run.”

That’s it. XXX can be any number up to 1,500. You will receive an email within 24 hours with your tracking id’s.

Tracking id’s will look very much like your Associates ID but a bit different. If your Associates ID is “MyWebSite-20”, then your tracking id’s look something like “MyWeb1-20” through “MyWeb1500-20”.

You will then be able to use your tracking id’s in the same place as you would use your Associates ID.

Pretty cool isn’t it! I wish I’d known this earlier.

Read Gene’s full post at How to Track Multiple Amazon Associates Campaigns

Text Link Ads now available for Blogger Blogs

For those of you wanting to give Text Link Ads (aff) a go that are not on WordPress – you might be interested to know that they yesterday announced that they are compatible with Blogger Blogs.

I hope you enjoy Text Link Ads for Blogger!

Performancing and PayPerPost Sale Update

As a followup to our post yesterday on the PayPerPost buying Performancing story – it seems that I was right in saying that the sale (or intended sale as it’s still yet to be finalized) was only for part of Performancing. Nick explains it in his post Performancing and PayPerPost which outlines that it is only their metrics and classifieds (exhange) that they’ve sold and that they are hanging onto (and will be re-branding) their firefox plugin and partners program. More details are also available at PPP’s press release. There’s no word on the purchase price.

update: what does concern me a little is that as a blogger who is a user of Performancing’s metrics program that all the details of my blog now are going to be transferred to PPP. While this is a fairly normal and standard operating procedure with any sale I can’t say that I’m overly happy with a company like PPP who in my opinion have caused so much controversy and who have been accused of some less than transparent and ethical behavior having access to my blog’s statistics.

While the metrics package is a useful one I think it might be time for me to find another one.

Microsoft Under Fire Over Laptop Giveaways to Bloggers

While i spent the day in the sun at the cricket watching Australia totally decimate England a storm has been brewing in the blogosphere over Microsoft giving away Ferrari Acer laptops loaded with Vista to bloggers to review – and if they want, to keep.

Interestingly – I received an email from Microsoft a week or two back asking me if I’d be interested in participating.

This was the approach:

I’d love to send you a loaded Ferrari 1000 courtesy of Windows Vista and AMD. Are you interested?

This would be a review machine, so I’d love to hear your opinion on the machine and OS. Full disclosure, while I hope you will tell others about your experience with the pc, you don’t have to. Also, you are welcome to send the machine back to us after you are done playing with it, or you can give it away to your community, or you can keep it. Just let me know your opinion on Windows Vista and what you plan to do with it when the time comes.

I was a little surprised by the email but my immediate thought was:

  • as a Mac user I was immediately skeptical about anything with Microsoft in/on it. I was however curious about Vista as I’ve heard so much about it. As a Mac user I’d have no way to review it however without a PC.
  • the thought of a free laptop was a little tempting
  • the idea of giving it away appealed more than keeping it – I know of a few charity groups that could definitely use it and/or the idea of giving it as a prize to a reader was tempting
  • I was a little intrigued about this approach and wondered what would happen in the wider blogosphere when the story broke, bloggers getting laptops worth thousands of dollars to keep if they wanted just to review their operating system. My initial reaction was that this would not be greeted with unamimous support and that the combination of it being Microsoft doing the giveaways and that bloggers were able to not disclose if they wised would be controversial

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