How the Top 100 Blogs Do ‘it’

Blog-Trends-Advertising-1I’ve previously done a little analysis of the blogs in the Technorati Top 100 in terms of their length of blogging so today when I came across a post by Stuart Brown (via blog herald)who has done similar work (but with some pretty pie charts) I was hooked.

Stuart analysises the Top 100 in the categories of:

  • Blogging Software – 45% of those blogs in the top 100 have custom blogging platforms with Movable Type coming in second with 15%
  • Monetisation – 79% are using some sort of advertising – 24% are using AdSense
  • Language – 84% are blogging in English
  • Topic – 21% are on Technology related topics
  • Background Colour – White is the colour of choice
  • Body Typeface – Verdana is the font of choice

There are a few interesting results there.

For starters I’m a little surprised by the large number of bloggers using custom built blogging solutions. I guess this includes the Weblogs Inc’s ‘blog smith’ platform.

On the Monetisation front – I’m not surprised to see AdSense leading the pack. I’ve previously found it to be the most popular ad platform across not only high profile blogs but across the whole spectrum of blogs. I’m also not surprised to see BlogAds on quite a few of top 100 blogs – although suspect they are not appearing on quite as high a percentage of other blogs.

I would have liked to see ‘other monetisation’ methods measured. For example I suspect if you added affiliate programs (like Amazon for example) or ‘tip jars’ that you’d see the percentage of those making money from their blogs in the top 100 increase.

PS: for more analysis of popular blogs and how they make money you might like to visit a post I wrote a year back looking at the top 30 most visited blogs from Truth Laid Bear.

Marshall Kirkpatrick shares his TechCrunch Work Flow

Marshall Kirkpatrick has just finished up as a writer on the popular TechCrunch blog and today writes a great post on how he looked for and found stories for his blogging using a startpage, feed reader, sms and instant messaging notification and more.

It’s a great read as Marshall was a central player in one of the most read blogs going around – he’s a real Professional Blogger in my mind.

Photoshop Resources – Enhance the Images on Your Blogs

I wasn’t going to mention this resource here because it’s one that I generally only mention on my Digital Photography School and Digital Camera blogs. However this afternoon I had a ProBlogger reader ask me for some online resources on using Photoshop as they were increasingly using images on their blogs and wanted to be able to optimize and adapt them for blog use.

I generally would recommend people go out and do a photoshop course or get a good photoshop book or two – however I’ve also recently come across two quality e-resources for people wanting online tips. Both are paid resources and are quite comprehensive. The links that follow are affiliate links – but I’ve used both of the products and think they are both worth considering if you’re at a beginner to intermediate level of photoshop skills.


ProPhoto Secrets

The first is from a fellow Australian Shane Goldberg (pictured left) who has put together a number of resources that teach photoshop techniques.

Shane’s main product is ProPhoto Secrets. It’s a video based Photoshop tutorial system that you can get a free taste of through that link by signing up for a 7 tutorial taster. He also has one that is for Photoshop Elements users.

Shane has also written two e-books on Photoshop called Photoshop Made Easy – the first of which is free here \he’s currently offering for free and the second of which is available on special at the moment for $37 (get the free one first to get a feel for Shane’s style and to see if it’s what you’re after).

Shane’s resources are easy to understand and in a fun and laid back ‘Aussie style’.


Mark’s 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips in Photoshop CS

A second Photoshop teacher that’s put together a useful resource is Mark Monciardini who has put together Mark’s 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips in Photoshop CS (ie it’s not for PS Elements users). The name’s a bit of a mouthful but so is what he’s offering in the way of comprehensive photoshop learning.

Mark’s offering a DVD based learning system which contains 100+ videos. Once again they’re easy to use and I’ve learned a lot from them. They’re both PC and Mac compatible.

Both are paid products (although you get the free tasters with Shane’s videos) – but both also have money back guarantees and I’ve found them to be helpful.

Of course if you’re already an expert in photoshop techniques you’ll probably pass on these but if you’re just starting out with photoshop and want someone to run you through it they’ll both be worth consideration.

Don’t Be An Insular Blogger

Reader-Quick-TipsThis reader ‘quick tip’ is from Yaro Starak from Blog Traffic School

I’ve noticed lately my blog is not growing as rapidly as it did about a year ago. While my posting frequency has dropped a little I don’t think that’s the main reason for the reduction in traffic growth.

I believe the culprit is insular blogging. Insular blogging is when you sit and post content to your blog never linking to or talking about other bloggers, blogs or websites. You need to interact with the blogosphere and other people online in order to grow your traffic rapidly.

You can have success as an insular blogger if what you write is compelling enough that people spread the word. You need exceptional talent to pull this off at a rapid growth pace. Most bloggers can’t do it. They need help, they need to share traffic with other bloggers.

My blog tip is to take action by getting out there and meeting other bloggers via your blog. Link to other blogs, review other blogs, email bloggers, do content exchanges, write an e-book with another blogger and join in with the discussion started by other bloggers. Good luck! – Yaro

Want Higher AdSense Click Values? Post Earlier in the Day

Reader-Quick-TipsH.S. Ayoub from BioHealth Investor submitted the following reader ‘quick tip’.

Here’s a quick tip for maximizing your revenue per click from Google Adsense ads on your blog.

My blog has been up for only 8 weeks, and already I have found a tactic that has increased my daily earnings since trying it.

Now of course, this may not work for everyone, I only have my blog to go on, but it should make a little difference.

I found that if you post an article on your blog very late at night, maybe at midnight or a little later, the revenue per click generated during the next day is higher, by almost 50%

Why? I thought about that question for a few days, and the best theory that I could come up with was that the advertisers with the highest per click budget show up on top of all the other ads early in the day, but their budget limit is reached quicker.

By the afternoon the higher paying ads shut off untill the next day, while the cheaper ads now show up on top of the ad block.

Again, this is just an observation on my part, not a thoroughly researched theory.

It would be interesting to see how others do with this tactic.

Google AdSense Christmas Gift Arrives – It’s a Digital Photo Frame

Every year Google sends its higher end AdSense publishers (what the cut off is no one really knows) a gift to thank them for participating in the program.

Last year it was a a little pack with a usb hub, usb light, wireless mouse, usb flash drive etc and the year before it was a glowing FM radio.

This year reports are starting to surface of the gift arriving at some publishers homes – it’s a digital photo frame. I can’t find any pictures of it yet but here’s the specs of it according to one publisher:

  • 3.6 inch TFT digital photo frame
  • 960 x 240 TFT screen, 16 mega-color
  • Picture: JPG format
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV and records WAV itself
  • Video: ASF only
  • Media: Internal memory and SD card, comes with sample slideshow in memory
  • USB 1.1 interface
  • Power: 4 AA batteries or USB 5V or AC/DC power adapter

Us Aussies tend to get these gifts a week or two after everyone else – so if you’ve got one already take a picture and shoot it over to me and I’ll post it.


Reader-Quick-TipsSteve from Adventure Money submitted the following reader ‘quick tip’:

Readers form opinions about your blog based on the quality of your content. However, even if your content is great, if your readers have to stop in mid-paragraph to perform some sort of mental gymnastics to determine the meaning of a poorly written sentence, they’re not going to get the most out of your work. We may not all be professional writers, but everyone can make sure their work is free from spelling errors. While you should strive for perfect grammar, at the very least your work should be free of glaring grammatical errors. People will definitely question your authority if you can’t communicate effectively.

Don’t launch until you’re loaded (on content)

Reader-Quick-Tipsbill perry from Financial Freedom Library submitted this following reader ‘quick tip’.

One mistake I made when launching my blog was I started marketing the site after having just about 3 posts up.

This WAS my first blog, however, and I’m now moderately pleased to have the traffic levels I’m getting.

I sometimes wonder, if I had perhaps put a bit more quality into my posts, and had a few more of them, how would my traffic be doing NOW?

I guess my quick tip here is this:

When writing up your first few posts, take your time and make sure that the posts you write will be good enough to get people back.

Load up before you launch!

10 Blog Jobs at Problogger Job Board

Over the last few weeks the Problogger Job Board has seen a little upswing in the numbers of jobs being posted.

While I wouldn’t describe it as an avalanche there is definitely some interesting opportunities being added!

  1. Taciko is looking for a Startup Blogger for their webapp business
  2. Criteo is looking for a Technical Evangelist and Blogger (and it looks like there might be trips to Paris included!)
  3. Home Turf Media is looking for bloggers to blog on their cities
  4. BIM is looking for a Managing Editor to manage a movie blog and a gadget blog
  5. VIP Glamour is after a Celebrity Blogger
  6. 451 Press is after Sports, Technology and Celebrity Bloggers
  7. Dailypixel Network is looking for a Mobile Phone/VoIP Blogger
  8. On Topic Media is looking for a variety of Bloggers
  9. Briggs Internet Media is looking for a Movie Blogger
  10. BIM is looking for Multilingual Bloggers (Spanish, German, Italian etc)

And that’s just the latest 10 ads.

Advertisers looking to advertise on the boards can create a blogger job notice here for just $50 for 30 days (in actual fact jobs are listed for a couple of months). We have around 1000 bloggers subscribed to the boards RSS feed and I know from talking to many of our advertisers that the response to ads is generally pretty good and we’re getting repeat advertisers place ads now.