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A massive thank you to all those readers who submitted reader ‘quick tips’ which I used as guest posts while traveling over the last couple of weeks. Over 50 tips were submitted (in fact more have been submitted in the last few days) – unfortunately I wasn’t able to use all of them (although did get 20 of them up on the blog).

I’ll attempt to use a more in the coming weeks but in the mean time I’ve included links to the 20 posts that I used below for those of you asking for a complete list:

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  1. bogdanlebu says:

    nice collection…

  2. This was one of your best collections of tips yet, IMHO. That Chitika as an AdSense alternate URL tip was a killer! That really puts money in your pocket. Thanks. :D

  3. Shawn Blanc says:

    This was an amazing idea and was super helpful. It was cool to read other people’s thoughts, ideas and passions about hey the blog better. Thanks.


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