Don’t launch until you’re loaded (on content)

Reader-Quick-Tipsbill perry from Financial Freedom Library submitted this following reader ‘quick tip’.

One mistake I made when launching my blog was I started marketing the site after having just about 3 posts up.

This WAS my first blog, however, and I’m now moderately pleased to have the traffic levels I’m getting.

I sometimes wonder, if I had perhaps put a bit more quality into my posts, and had a few more of them, how would my traffic be doing NOW?

I guess my quick tip here is this:

When writing up your first few posts, take your time and make sure that the posts you write will be good enough to get people back.

Load up before you launch!

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  1. Everton says:

    and just think where your traffic would be if all your posts were quality…..very strange advice

  2. Dave Taylor says:

    Obviously, there’s a balance point, because if you wait too long, well, then you’ll be blogging for yourself and the echochamber effect will spin out of control. :-) I suggest that TEN entries is a good starting point: get that many then start working on getting visibility and traffic from other sites.

  3. After Prozac says:

    It is indeed a balancing act, because you also want google to crawl your site as early as possible so as to hasten the sandbox effect, which keeps new sites ranked low for 6-9 months or so…

  4. Luke Meshios says:

    my site never really “launched” as such. I just made the site and went from there. I personally think you need a bit of a budget to have a good launch.

  5. Daniel says:

    Good budget or just a the capability to promote yourself (using other large sites/blogs you own) is a must if you want a launch with quickly increasing traffic. Easy to make money when you’ve got money, and easy to get traffic if you’ve got traffic.

  6. I think it really depends on what you have in mind as a start. My site started as a personal gallery with a blog on the side, I started with 1 post and a gallery.
    Now I’ve removed the gallery and blogging 2 to 3 posts a day, so I didn’t have a clear idea beforehand.

    and i do agree with Luke a good launch need budget and good relations in the blogsphere, for the rest of us it is just the hard and slow way

  7. Ashish Mohta says:

    I agree with Daniel ,Dave, Luke and partially with Bill.

    To launch your blog on huge terms , u need money and traffic senders.Thats not easy with every blogger.Most of them just start with an idea may be fun or money doesnt matter.

    When i started my first blog i just did with small plan to write about technology news and other things related but not with a ready amount of posts.Bill’s Idea is good but there can be one modification…you can launch normally with 2-3 posts on hand but when you go for blog submission you should have some good numbers of post.

    The sole reason is when they come to see what you have written they will be happy to see if you have good amount of posts.Secondly,when you start contacting other bloggers either for link exchange or socialism, they will look at your blog and more number of post(with a good content) will make your first impression on them.

    So in one lne have good number and quality posts when you go ahead to blog submission or telling other people “hey i think i can provide you with a good information”.



  8. siong1987 says:

    It depends actually. In my opinion, you must have good content before launching your blog. Quality is better than quantity.

  9. The Geek says:

    Quality content is the most important thing. One of my friends got featured on Digg on his very first article, just because it was a compelling article.

  10. bill says:

    As sort of an update, I launched LucidBlog on November 25th. I made sure to have more content on this one that with my first blog. Over the next month I ended up getting massive traffic from to the tune of 22,000 uniques that month. My pageview count during that month was only about 1.97 or so, and the traffic seems to be died down now to more “normal” levels. One thing I have noticed however is that the pageviews count is significantly higher now that I have less traffic. I suspect it must be traffic that is more “in tune” with my content?

    It is amazing how much we actually learn by doing these things.

  11. Anton says:

    I want to ask something, what’s the meaning of “launch” is? Is it the time when you start your blog? Or is it the time when you promote your blog to such a directory?

  12. qianbloger says:

    that’s the mistake i made when i started my first blog