Google, Yahoo, Microsoft adopt same Web index tool – Sitemaps

Quick news from today (thanks to Blaine for the tip):

“Search engine rivals Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are teaming up to make it easier for Web site owners to make sure their sites get included in the Web indexes, the companies are expected to announce Thursday.

The companies are adopting Google’s Sitemaps protocol, available since June 2005, that allows Web site owners to manually feed their pages to Google and to check whether their sites have been crawled. Web site owners have had to follow similar processes at each of the other major search engines separately.”

Read more at CNET

Looks like it’s going to become increasingly important to have Sitemaps set up on blogs.

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  1. Thanx Darren for this hint

  2. Ashish Mohta says:

    I had been using the sitemap which is used by google.It specifically need it.I used it for my googlepages and it worked good.It can only crawl into the site and index it but pages coming into google search is an entirely different issue.

    Sitemap also had been used all over the industry so that visitors can know whats on their site directly instead of finding and end up in no result.Its faster


  1. youmos says:


    Googleサイトマップの重要性が今後はさらに増加する可能性がある。Sitemaps 0.90フォーマットでの業界標準化が行われれば、サイト運営者にとっての運用は比較的軽減される。 フォーマット…

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