Toronto in the Autumn

Just a short note to say that last night I arrived in Toronto safely after 24 hours of flying and transit time. It’s going to take me a while to adjust to the new time zone, the ‘crisp’ weather and driving on the wrong side of the road but my first impressions of Toronto are positive.

I’ve already met some nice people including meeting Jeremy which was a surreal experience. It’s odd to meet someone for the first time that you’ve been working so closely with for 18 months).

Today we’ve got a slightly lighter day than normal before getting into a pretty heavy schedule of meetings.

Not much else to report at this stage – except to say that as usual – when I go away my blog traffic seems to go up. I should do this more often. Glad everyone seems to be enjoying the series of posts I’d prepared.

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  1. Thanks for the safe arrival note :) you enjoy your time and keep us updated when you can.
    Posts you’ve prepared are pretty interesting till now we’re following them closely

    All the best

  2. Everyadam says:

    Welcome to Canada Darren! I think I’m going to have the same thoughts about driving on the wrong side of the road when I head down to Australia for med school in February. It’s pretty chilly in Canada this time of year eh?

  3. Pierre says:

    Crisp? You should come back in January!

  4. Chuck Halpin says:

    Welcome to Toronto. Love your pro blogger tips and adsense advice. Keep up the great work. We have a bunch ofgreatrestaurants here. Hope you get the time to enjoy them.

    Top 20 Best Restaurant list from James Chatto in his recent Toronto Life article.

    Eigensinn Farm – Singhampton, 519-922-3128 (2 hours from Toronto)
    Susur – Toronto, 416-603-2205
    Splendido – Toronto, 416-929-7788
    Senses – Toronto, 416-935-0400
    Scaramouche – Toronto, 416-961-8011
    Bistro Bakery Thuet – Toronto, 416-603-2777
    Via Allegro – Etobicoke, 416-622-6677 (10 minutes from Dowtown Toronto)
    Rain – Toronto, 416-599-7246
    Chiado – Toronto, 416-538-1910
    North 44◦ – Toronto, 416-487-4897
    Canoe – Toronto, 416-364-0054
    Rundles – Stratford, 519-271-6442 (2 hours from Toronto)
    Perigee – Toronto, 416-364-1397
    Sushi Kaji – Etobicoke, 416-252-2166 (10 minutes from Downtown Toronto)
    Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar – Toronto, 416-362-1957
    Lei Wah Heen – Toronto, 416-977-9899
    Didier – Toronto, 416-925-8588
    George – Toronto, 416-863-6006
    Il Mulino – Toronto, 416-780-1173
    Amuse-Bouche – Toronto, 416-913-5830


  5. Darren Rowse says:

    Definitely chilly – although in chatting with V on the phone this morning – it was actually just as cold in Melbourne overnight as it is here. Both cities are in their changing seasons (autumn and spring) so it can go either way.

    having said that – I’ll be buying a new coat today :-)

  6. Darren Rowse says:

    Thanks Chuck – great list. I think Jeremy has most of my meals pretty booked up this next week or so but I’ll try check some of them out!

  7. Hi Darren,

    No… obviously Australians drive on the “wrong” side of the road.

    We drive on the right side of the road. The opposite of “right” is “wrong” or “left”.

    Actually, I won’t do it. I’ll drive in Costa Rica where there are basically no traffic rules and agressive driving is the norm… but I won’t drive in the U.K. or Australia. It’s just too hard to remember to stay on the correct side of the road. I applaud you for trying.

    -James D. Brausch

  8. Richard says:

    I second the “rigt” side of the road ;)

    Have fun in Toronto. Try dinner at the top of the CN Tower, it’s great.

  9. MamaDuck says:

    Oh, sounds like a lovely time. Enjoy the break!!

  10. Bart Dabek says:

    Welcome to Toronto :) I wonder if we could organize something here for the SEO/Blog/SEM people here it would be great to meet the community.

  11. Bart Dabek says:

    Sorry for the double post… it was taking forever to submit and I hit the button once too many times.

  12. gary says:

    glad to hear you’ve made it! looking forward to the mesh meet up tonight.

    as for coats, head to mountain equipment co-op on king street.

    ps…it’s not cold yet!

  13. Caydel says:

    Welcome to Canada, Darren. Trust me – it gets a lot colder, especially in Toronto.


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