Google to Test Audio Ads

News is emerging today that Google is planning on launching a beta of Audio Ads by the end of the year. It’s previously dabbled in print advertising but now look like they’re targeting radio according to a range of articles going around today. I wonder if they’ll also do some cross over into Podcasting using the same technology.

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  1. Luke says:

    You’d have to hate your users with a passion. This will take away the ability to concentrate when you’re reading. I mean how can you concentrate when all you’re hearing is rubbish ?

  2. Richard says:

    Luke, no, these ads don’t go on the web, they are exclusivly for *radio*. Since Google picked up dMarc Broadcasting in January; I belived they’ve signed XM and possible other radio networks.

    Basically you just log into *adwords*, upload your ad, and try to track your results. Maybe using’s City/Country location feature or something.

  3. Luke says:

    Thanks Richard. I wonder if in the future if Mp3 downloads become free, because they have Google Audio ads which each time the song is played the Singer gets paid.

  4. sandossu says:

    I think audio ads really suck. I mean, it depends, if they only hear after you press a button, it’s fine, else…

  5. Aayush says:

    this is not the correct place to post this comment(however i dont where else) but i was hoping you would share some light on polls- one where the user can choose multiple answers. for eg. if there are 10 options then the user must be able to choose 3. In my case i would also prefer that the user chooses only 3(not less not more).

  6. Adsense for Podcasts! Bring it on Google, Bring it on!