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Compete – SnapShot is a tool that I’m sure some bloggers will find useful in their analysis of how their blog compares with others. Yes I know – it’s not cool to analyze your own stats too much but most of us do it from time to time on sites like Alexa – so if you’re into that you might want to check this out too.

Like Alexa you can compare your domain with others and it’ll give stats on traffic, ranking, pages/visit and average stay length. I’ve done a little comparison with the results on it versus Alexa and actually think Competes are pretty similar – although in a couple of cases I’d say Compete is even more accurate.

found via Duncan

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  1. Shane says:

    Hate to be a naysayer but the site is not that accurate. I did mine and it said I had 3000 uniques in the last year. Sometimes I get that many in a day :)

  2. brem says:

    I have to concurr with Shane. These figures are off. In september, they say I’ve attracted 2182 us citizen, but all in all, according to performancing metrics, I’ve attracted: 53582 people, and according to my internal awstats, 37212 uniques.

    Which is right? :)

  3. pcunix says:

    I agree – completely inaccurate for my site.. they say 5500 visitors – I get more than that every single day..

  4. Judi Sohn says:

    Welcome to the long tail, folks.

    Compete is probably, well, competitive, for larger sites…but for those of us sitting here in the cheap seats (rank #252,462 here) it’s not even close. I brought this up in a comment on John Battelle’s site and a rep from Compete answered:

    “…The long tail is very long and it’s a challenge to accurately report on smaller sites….

    We are excited to open our data to the world, but are also realistic and understand it will be scrutizined and challenged. From today forward Compete’s user base will grow, the time and rigor we invest in normalizing the data will increase and we’ll work further and further down the tail… ”

    In other words, for smaller sites we only have toolbar data to go on and right now we’re only looking at the big fish.

  5. pcunix says:

    In other words, they are reporting on how many people using their toolbar visit your site.

    Who cares?


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