Google to launch Custom Search Engine

Loren posts that Google will tomorrow launch a Custom Search Engine which will allow publishers to create their own specialized Google Search Indexes made up of specific sites.

This will include a revenue sharing model that is similar to what AdSense offers through it’s search box.

Loren quotes a Financial Times article that writes:

“Users of Google Custom Search Engine will be able to select the websites they want to be included in their searches, and add to this list in future by “tagging” websites they visit. Any searches will then return results just from that slice of the Google search index.

Google also said it had created an easy way for users to “paste” a search box for the personalised engine on to their own webpages, so that visitors can carry out searches using their preferred parameters.”

This will be an interesting one to watch in the next couple of days. I can see some applications for blog networks particularly.

updateGoogle Custom Search Engines have gone live.

In terms of how you make money from this – Google writes in their CSE FAQ:

‘To make money from your Custom Search Engine you can join Google’s AdSense for Search program, which places contextually relevant ads on your Custom Search Engine’s search results pages – and pays you a share of all the revenue that’s generated from those ads. For more information about how the AdSense for Search program and Custom Search Engine work together, visit the Make Money page in your search engine’s Control Panel.’

Google News Slowly Integrates Blog Search

Steve Rubel has written a couple of posts in the last two days reporting on how Google is integrating their blog search more and more into their Google News service.

This gives bloggers even more incentive to use Google’s Blog Pinging Service (the main way that Google suggests you get into their Blog Search Index).

Come have a Beer with Me in Toronto?

Thanks to those readers in Canada who expressed interest in meeting up when I’m over there in November.

There are a few who’ve said they’d like to catch up so we thought we’d do a ‘meet up’ as Duncan will be over there too. Rather than create our own even we decided to piggyback one that was happening already (and being partly organized by b5’s Mark Evans).

So those of you living in (or near) Toronto might be interested in coming along to a Web 2.0 meet up (it’s being put on by the mesh conference guys – by the way mesh is running again next May) that is happening on 15 November that Duncan and myself and some of the other local b5 crew will be attending. It’s at the Irish Embassy pub from 6pm. Full details are at the mesh blog and at Mark’s Blog (update – also at the blogs of Matthew, Stuart, Mike and Rob – this is going to be fun as these are some quality bloggers).

It’d be great to meet you there – if you make it come say G’day (and give me a hug because I think I’m going to be cold).

19 Blog Jobs Currently Vacant at Job Boards

Bloggers – have you checked out ProBlogger’s Job Boards lately? As it currently stands there are 19 unfilled blogger jobs there ranging from Boxing and Wrestling bloggers to Celebrity Bloggers, to Insurance Bloggers and New Media Communications Specialists. Keep an eye on the jobs as they are listed via the RSS feed.

Blog Owners – are you looking for a blogger to write on a blog? While there are quite a few unfilled jobs on the board there have been considerably more filled (some removed and some still there) over the past couple of months (some within hours of them being listed). Advertising a job still only costs $50 (we’ve extended the opening special) and at last count there were 500-600 bloggers tracking the RSS feed each day (and a couple of sites picking up the postings and republishing them on their own sites). Post a Job here today.

A few people have asked me whether I see the ProBlogger job board as a success recently. While it’s not had as many jobs listed as some other job boards launched around the same time and it hasn’t made us rich – I’m really pleased with the fact that every few days I get an email from an advertiser asking me to mark a job ‘filled’ or a blogger letting me know that they’ve found a job through the boards.

We also started the boards not expecting a massive take up in the initial months but more as a longer term strategy as it is a growing market and one that there will be an increasing need for services in over the coming years.

In the mean time – people are finding bloggers and jobs and that leaves me feeling really satisfied.

Chewing Pencils: Helping you make money from drawing cartoons!

SantaProBlogger reader (and a mate of mine) Matt Glover is having a Group Drawing Project over at his blog Chewing Pencils. In it he’s inviting bloggers to draw Christmas Cartoons.

It’s a pretty similar format to my group writing projects – but Matt’s will actually have a winner – chosen by a special mystery judge…. me!

Please submit bribes via my contact form! :-)

Blogger Releases Second ‘Secret’ Book

I was just surfing over at Amazon tonight (I’m trying to spend a gift voucher – anyone got any recommendations for cool books/CDs on there?) and I came across a book being released this week – Frank Warren’s “My Secret: A PostSecret Book” (aff).

Its a book bouncing off the back of the massively popular Post Secret Blog – a blog that invited strangers to mail the bloggers anonymous postcards that made art from their inner most secrets.

This new book is actually the second one released by Frank – the previous one was The Secret Lives of Men and Women (aff) which was a best seller also.

I guess it’s an example of a blogger making an income from their blogging using an indirect method.

Correction: Looks like this is the third book rather than the second. Thanks to the numerous people who let me know.

Changes in WordPress 2.0.5

Mark has an outline on the changes in soon to be released WordPress 2.0.5 (via David at Blogging Pro).

What is Your ‘Day Job’?

Over at b5media’s internal blogging forums there’s an interesting thread going on where the question was asked (by Jason) – ‘what do you do for a living?’

So far the answers show a real diversity of occupations – from business consultants to stay at home moms, to pro bloggers, to artists….

I thought it’d be an interesting question to pose here also.

What do you do for a living? What’s your ‘Day Job’?

And if you’re a ‘blogger’ for a living – what did you do before that?

Here’s my answer over on the forums:

  • Currently a Blogger….
  • Previously a Minister….
  • Previously a Kitchen Hand….
  • Previously a Minister…..
  • Previously a Rock Band Manager….
  • Previously a Youth Worker….
  • Previously a Stationary Salesman…..

Of course through most of that I’ve been a student (part time studying Marketing in the earlier years and part time studying Theology in the later ones).

Christmas in October at the Rowse House

Today my laptop (a 15″ G4 Apple Powerbook) died. It’s survived being dropped (not by me) , it’s had coffee spilt on it (not by me), it’s been around Australia and overseas on numerous trips, it’s been used for tens of thousands of blog posts (it must be close to 15 – 20k) and it’s done it all well. While it has slowed a little in the past few months (and I’ve used it less and less and my desktop more and more) today it gasped its last breath – kind of sad really.

So with a couple of trips approaching and numerous presentations to give in the upcoming weeks I ran out today for a little retail therapy (no period of mourning for the Powerbook I’m afraid) and have returned home with a 15″ 2.16Ghz Mac Book Pro (Matt screen with 2 Gig of RAM and just the 100 gig HD).

I’m still in the process of transferring files but so far it’s a nice piece of gear and is performing very nicely (although apart from being faster than the old powerbook it feels very very similar so far).

All this to say – I’ve got a new toy blogging tool and I haven’t posted much today as a result.

BTW – did I mention I won an iPod? It arrived today also (80 gig video version – white). Looks like Christmas came early at our place!