Speedlinking – 31 October 2006

I’m back from our few days away. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes for our little break. It was a nice time away although we had some pretty below average weather and I’ve come back with the flu unfortunately.

I hope you enjoyed the mini-archives series that I ran – was it something people found helpful? Your honest feedback is always appreciated.

Now I’m home I’ll get back into some ‘normal’ blogging here at ProBlogger over the coming few days. To start with – here are a few links from the past few days – I’m sure there will be more that I need to catch up on but here’s something to start with):

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  1. Shawn says:

    In regards to:

    Adrian wrote a post on how he’s culled his RSS News Reader list by 40. It’s interesting to get an insight into how people decide who to subscribe to (and unsubscribe) – how do you make those sorts of decisions?

    I know it’s time to drop a feed when I find myself highlighting it just so I can mark the whole feed as “read” and them moving on. If I do this enough, I’m obviously not finding enough value in it to read it.

    I rarely consciously do this, though. It’s only after doing the ‘marked as read’ thing a few times, I realize that “this feed is just taking up space. See ya!” and I ditch it.

    How do you do it?

  2. Hi Darren:

    I just checked out the JobCoin service, it is an excellent idea!
    Thanks for pointing it out. That is why I read your blog. I can’t wait to try it on a couple of my wordpress blogs.

    I wish there was a wordpress plugin that feature a job posting site just like JobCoin. Anyway, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

    JobCoin here I come …

  3. Your archive links were super helpful. Thanks for the blasts from the past. This blog has so much content that without you highlighting certain things then a lot of the material doesn’t get read.

  4. Khurrum says:

    Thanks again :-D

  5. Matt says:

    Small correction: $15/yr if you buy a domain from us.