34 Tips for Finding Readers for Your Blog

200610242119One of the first series of posts that I wrote on the topic of blogging was on the topic of Finding Readers for your blog.

I originally wrote it way back in 2003 on another blog and transferred it to ProBlogger in 2004. While it’s from my very early days of blogging there’s still some relevant tips in it. Here are the four parts (containing a total of 15 tips) of the series:

For a more updated post on ‘finding readers for your blog’ you might also like to check out this post (with 19 tips – and yes some double up on the previous 15) that I wrote on the topic as part of my Blogging for Beginners Series.

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  1. Fione says:


    Lots of the tips for increasing the traffic to a blog can also be applied to other online business / websites that you’re running. Practical and simple tips, but often forgotten by many.

    You have given a sample of writing about other issues like the Australian Idol post, and manage to draw traffic to your own site as well. What would your view be on creating categories for other topics of interest within a blog (although it’s not part of the blog main focus)?

    For instance, i’ve just started our own blog at but i find myself excitingly, adding more travel and shopping postings for my travel category…. i’m thinking of whether to create another travel / shopping blog rather than mess up my original company blog.

    Have a great week!

    Regards, Fione

  2. Max says:

    Excellent advice….easy techniques to apply!!!

  3. Darren,

    One of the most effective ways I’ve gotten readers to my blog is via article marketing.

    Recently, wanting to create more passive income, I started an article marketing experiment. I’d read so much about this medium and had used it with good success with minimal effort in the past. So, I decided that I wanted to give it a REAL try.

    What I decided to do was submit one article a day for 30 days to 25 top-rated directories and see how it went. The first week, my Adsense income quintupled. A week and a half into the experiment, my income has doubled what it was before I started the experiment on 10/18/06.

    All this week (10/30/06 thru 11/3/06) I will be updating the blog with details of my article marketing experiment. It ends on 11/18/06.

    For details from the very beginning, the curious can log onto

    FYI, in today’s post (10/30/06), I mention your post “Google Page Rank Explained.”

    As always, thanks for being such a valuable and trustworthy resource.

    Yuwanda Black, Publisher

  4. claude says:


    Thanks for this mini-archives;

    Always usefull

    regards from France


  5. Stuart says:

    Interesting set of articles that I actually missed the first time round!


  6. I’ve read all 4 parts and want to thank you.
    Unlike many others, your articles are very easy to read and understand.

    Despite the fact article was written 4 years ago, I will definitely use these techniques for my blog now, in 2oo7.


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