Come have a Beer with Me in Toronto?

Thanks to those readers in Canada who expressed interest in meeting up when I’m over there in November.

There are a few who’ve said they’d like to catch up so we thought we’d do a ‘meet up’ as Duncan will be over there too. Rather than create our own even we decided to piggyback one that was happening already (and being partly organized by b5’s Mark Evans).

So those of you living in (or near) Toronto might be interested in coming along to a Web 2.0 meet up (it’s being put on by the mesh conference guys – by the way mesh is running again next May) that is happening on 15 November that Duncan and myself and some of the other local b5 crew will be attending. It’s at the Irish Embassy pub from 6pm. Full details are at the mesh blog and at Mark’s Blog (update – also at the blogs of Matthew, Stuart, Mike and Rob – this is going to be fun as these are some quality bloggers).

It’d be great to meet you there – if you make it come say G’day (and give me a hug because I think I’m going to be cold).

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  1. brem says:

    it’s quite a ride from here to TO… :(

  2. Darren, when are you coming to New York?!

    You know that you’d have to travel the entire world to keep up with your readers. :)

  3. Jon says:

    Geez, it’s 3000 km from Edmonton, but it may be worth it. Toronto is a really great town Darren, I hope you can find a local there to show you around a bit. I went to university there and loved it.
    Have you ever been to a professional ice hockey game? :)

  4. Darren Rowse says:

    90% chance I’ll be in New York in March next year.

    No – never been to an ice hockey game – must add that to the wish list – although this trip is quite full of meetings. V and I are thinking of going back in March next year after NY so that trip might have a bit more opportunity for exploring.

  5. Vic says:

    I will see you there Darren, looking forward to it.

  6. I’ll be there Darren…very much looking forward to it!

  7. Gary says:

    looking forward to meeting all of you finally!

    the irish embassy is a 10 minute walk from my day job.

  8. Looking forward to seeing you at the Embassy, Darren. They likely won’t have VB but we can likely scare up a Foster’s.

    And for the record, November in Toronto is no worse than August in NSW. January is a different story ;)


  9. Darren if you are ever in KS i would be glad to ‘blog talk’ anytime!

  10. I look forward to knowing when you’ll be coming to NY — I guess I’ll stay tuned, but you also have my contact information now too ;)

  11. 2300 km from Winnipeg to Toronto .. too far for me :(

    But if YOU are in the neighbourhood … and interested in seeing real life Hockey … how about real life Canadian Football Game? November 19th is the 2006 CFL Grey Cup here in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada!

    FYI for those interested in the Winnipeg Weather … we just got about 15cm of snow overnight.


  1. […] Darren also posted an open invitation for a blogger meet-up in Toronto on November 15th at the Irish Embassy Pub around 6PM. Darren decided to piggyback off of the event organized by the Mesh Conference guys – yet even more Canadian bloggers! […]