What is Your ‘Day Job’?

Over at b5media’s internal blogging forums there’s an interesting thread going on where the question was asked (by Jason) – ‘what do you do for a living?’

So far the answers show a real diversity of occupations – from business consultants to stay at home moms, to pro bloggers, to artists….

I thought it’d be an interesting question to pose here also.

What do you do for a living? What’s your ‘Day Job’?

And if you’re a ‘blogger’ for a living – what did you do before that?

Here’s my answer over on the forums:

  • Currently a Blogger….
  • Previously a Minister….
  • Previously a Kitchen Hand….
  • Previously a Minister…..
  • Previously a Rock Band Manager….
  • Previously a Youth Worker….
  • Previously a Stationary Salesman…..

Of course through most of that I’ve been a student (part time studying Marketing in the earlier years and part time studying Theology in the later ones).

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  1. Kailani says:

    Currently a flight attendant
    Previously the Employment Manager for a 5-star hotel
    Previously the Training Manager for a 5-star hotel
    Previously a Master’s Degree student

  2. Rob StGeorge says:

    Currently a Database Analyst
    Previously an IT Support Analyst
    Before that a Tyre Shop Manager
    Before that a Wheel Alignment Technician…..
    Before that a tyre fitter.

    Hows that for variety, now I want to become a Pro Blogger!

  3. Nneka says:

    Interesting Kailani!

    Currently IT production support analyst.
    Previously database analyst
    Previously ecommerce entrepreneur
    Previously business consultant
    Previously programmer
    Previously business manager

    Striving to be spiritual business guru:-)

  4. churchpundit says:

    presently a pastor
    previously an artist (though I still paint and sell my art)
    previously a carpenter (renovated houses)
    previously a pastor
    previously studied theology (lots of it, and still do!)
    thus spoke churchpundit!

  5. Tillerman says:

    Presetnly retired
    Previously a sailing instructor
    Previously an information technology manager
    Previously a programmer
    Previously a polymer research scientist
    Previously an office clerk
    Previously a nuclear research technician
    Previously a dishwasher
    Previously a lumberyard worker

  6. Alfred R. Baudisch says:

    * Have a web company, especialized on Web 2.0
    * Have a web hosting company (3+ years)
    * Freelance web developer (PHP 5, PostgreSQL, CSS, XHTML)
    * Blogger (almost pro, but I actually am earning little money with it)
    * Have a video company

    * Salesman at my father’s fishing store

    I will stop working with web next month (ends web company and freelance works – web hosting will continue), and focus all my time and energy on the video one. It is more profitable :D

  7. Chris Cree says:

    Currently a Marine Surveyor
    Previously a Port Captain
    Previously a Security Specialist
    Previously a Stevedore
    Previously a Vessel Planning Manager
    Previously a Vessel Planner
    Previously a Vessel Agent
    Previously a Naval Officer

  8. Roy says:

    I’m presently working as a systems administrator.
    Prev college student (went back to school to pursue 2nd BS)
    Prev military
    Prev college student
    Prev bill collector
    Prev auditor
    Prev agriculture

  9. Currently a Full-time volunteer / Christian Missionary (last 8-years)
    Previously Computer Salesman & Technician
    Paint Company Manager
    Amway Distributor (please don’t mock me…)
    Door to door knife sales man
    Bicycle sales and assembly

  10. Dale Cruse says:

    Currently a fulltime website designer and developer.
    I publish the only weblog dedicated to tracking news about bass players.
    Previously a writer/editor for
    Before that I was a photojournalist at West Point
    Before that I was a US Army photojournalist stationed in Germany for three years and Bosnia for six months.

  11. Manoj.R says:

    Currently Consultant
    Previously Relationship Executive

  12. Miha says:

    Currently working in IT department of a Bank as a Business Analytic.
    Previusly worked as a Delphi programmer.

  13. Kashif Aziz says:

    Currently working as web master responsible for CMS, intranet and loads of web sites. I write on topics ranging from life style to sports, current affairs and technology for number of blogs (at least 4 of them). Direct earnings from the blogs are insignificant at the moment.

  14. I am currently working for Morgan Stanley in NYC, but consider blogging a second job because it’s more than enough to pay the bills. Before that I was various kinds of student, interned at Amazon, etc. You can check out my C/V if you really want to know.

  15. Stuart says:

    Full time political science student, so writing a politics / current events blog could be considered part of my schooling I suppose.

    Maybe im not a blogger, just a really over-zealous student.

  16. Amber says:

    I guess I’d have to call myself a pro-blogger, as that’s where most of my income comes from these days. Another chunk comes from freelance journalism and copywriting: before that I was a PR girl, and before that, a newspaper reporter. Before all of those, of course, I was a call centre worker, but I try not to think about that too much…

  17. Great topic!

    Currently: IT Help Desk Manager, and author of 10 Ways to Make It Great!
    Previously: Stock Broker, Sales person, webmaster, Communications guy in the Navy, pizza delivery guy/manager

  18. Gary says:

    currently: Service Manager at a new car dealership
    currently: P/T blogger and editorial partner of Blair Valley Media, a blog network.

    previously: car dealership service advisor
    previously: every job possible in the restaurant industry.

  19. George says:

    I am currently working for a major computer manufacturer in Houston, Texas. I do java development, with a specialization in security.

    Previously: Software QA for a different major computer manufacturer in Boca Raton, FL and Software QA manager for a small educational software company in South Florida.

  20. currently: freelance designer / blogger beginner / art student
    previously: fulltime designer
    previously: school kid

  21. I’m working is an employment charity as an administration assistant.
    …previously an unemployed writer
    …previously a journalism student
    …previously a high school student

  22. Ray Dotson says:

    The variety of backgrounds here is amazing!

    Here’s mine:
    I’m currently working as a senior programmer/analyst at a community college.

    Previously, I was an electronic control system designer, college student, stock broker, house painter, hotel security guard, valet parker, army reservist, hardware store employee, landscaper, plant store employee and a few other things…

  23. Eber says:

    Well, well…. before all this i worked in the commercial consultants department of TGPoli, a company that makes accessories for cars here in Brazil… spoilers, side skirts, etc….

    Left this month to be only a blogger…. and already making as much as i made there….


  24. MInTheGap says:

    Currently: Web Developer for a Enterprise Level Reporting Web Site, Blogger, Church Website designer (Purely Virtual LLC), Piano Teacher.

    Previously POS Programmer for Cash Registers
    Previously Bachelor of Computer Science Major– Dining Common worker, Lab Monitor
    Previously Ponderosa Employee

  25. Stephen W. says:

    Much as I might get some eye-rolling on this one, I’m a professional web developer turned search engine optimization specialist. Of course, like everyone else here, my dream is to be a professional blogger. Keep giving us wanna-bes hope and advise, Darren. :)

  26. darrenh says:

    I’m an editor at a daily newspaper for my day job. I write a weekly local focused column for the paper too.

    Sideline: Blogging and increasingly working to grow my current blog and soon add more blogs.

  27. Paul Cooklin says:

    Im a digital artist and am “obsessed” with the net and all things digital.

    Right, better get back to it ;)


  28. twins15 says:

    Full-time student, part-time Librarian, part-time blogger. :)

  29. Roe says:


    80% freelance writer for various websites & magazines
    20% antique pottery dealer with my wife.


    IT (Unix applications) support engineer for a pre-press company
    Technical consultant for a global telecoms company.

  30. John D says:

    I am an systems administrator for an online travel agency.

  31. Oscar says:

    Currently – Web developer
    Previously – Student :P

  32. Hi!

    Very interesting backgrounds indeed!

    My turn to share my current/previous Day Job(s):

    Current: Communication Skills Trainer for a BPO; Newbie Blogger

    Previous: Product Trainer for a Technical and Customer Service Accounts; University Lecturer, Company Representative Speaker, Frontliner for Dell Home Sales and Financing, Vice President’s Secretary, English Tutor to Koreans, Wedding Singer to name a few. =)


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