Yahoo! Search Index Update

Did you notice any changes in the incoming traffic that Yahoo! sent you this week? If so, it’s because they did an index update according to their Yahoo! Search blog. It doesn’t look like a major update from what I can see but I’ve heard from two bloggers who reported significant improvements and another who suffered a loss of ranking position through it.

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  1. Kulbir Virk says:

    I started my site about a week ago and i added the url to google and yahoo, but for some reason they havent crawled the site yet, netiher of them.

  2. Bill says:

    I did notice a slight increase in traffic from Yahoo. I was wondering why. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Ashish Mohta says:

    Hi darren,

    Actually i am not clear if my ranking has increased or not coz i really dont know how to to do that but one thing is sure that my page is being indexed by yahoo not this one but the pages i made on googlepages.I tried with my name and vlogs on it it works sometimes.


  4. A.H says:

    Yahoo did send lots of traffic to one of my blogs when i first started it, but it either became unnoticed comparing to Google’s since they crawled me, or just disappeared for some reason and never came back =\.


  5. sebastian says:

    yup, i got a tsunami wave of visitors from yahoo now. a 50% increase and thanks to this deadly tsunami, my hosting disable my blog for a few days – said i overloaded their server.

  6. Malepedia says:

    On my other site, I never recieved yahoo hits, now it went to 200 in 3 days.

  7. Lindalee says:

    I noticed when I checked my stats that I got “slurped” by yahoo a lot more.– is this their crawl of my site?

    Mine is such a tiny nitch, that I haven’t noticed a lot of new traffic from it, but it’s good to hear.