Chitika Launches Official Forum – Sphere

Chitika have today Launched a forum for its publishers called Sphere. I’ve been using it for the last few days and its been a good way to chat with Chitika developers and other publishers. It is another forum to have to keep an eye on (I don’t really need yet another one) and I do wish it had an RSS feed to follow it – but it will come in handy from time to time – especially there are issues with the ad system.

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  1. Ma2T says:

    I have been using it for a week or so after the RPU invite I received.
    Its great how you can interact with the Chitika staff and how they listen to suggestions etc.

  2. Darren, they’re using SMF as their forum and by default it does have an RSS feed. That’s why I went with that software for my forum (well, that and the fact that it’s free, open source and imbeds into joomla).

    Wonder why they aren’t activating the RSS feed?

  3. BoardTracker says:

    Well if you are in need of a way to follow many boards and forums (not specifically that one) you should have a look at

    While we don’t yet cover chitika forums since its apparently just launched, we do cover many others and are adding more all the time. We provide rss feeds by category and search and even rss for tag search, for all threads on boards we index and persistent search features with alerts by email/im etc. Lots of other nifty features too which you may find useful.

  4. problogger said> I do wish it had an RSS feed to follow it
    Good point. We should have activated it.

    Sheepish look on my face>
    I am trying to activate it in SMF (by enabling the “Enable XML/RSS news” option). However, for some strange reason, it does not seem to be working. I;ll have the developer look into this.

    Robyn, any thoughts ? :-P

  5. Jane says:

    I’ve just joined Chitika through your aff. link Darren. Although my blog won’t ready until next week, I’m looking forward to implementing their ads.

  6. Johnny says:

    Chitika rejected me, so I put it On Notice.

  7. The forum now has an associated RSS feed. Also, each board has a separate RSS feed to allow tracking. Thanks for the suggestion.