This Post may Offend some Readers… Twice…

Warning: this post contains a little language that some might find a little offensive. If you’d rather not read it you might like to do something else (like join the conversation in this recent comment thread which is fast approaching my most commented upon post).

Ok – those of you still here…

I was out at our local shopping centre today escaping the heat (Summer has come early here – it was 37 degrees Celsius) and was in a bookstore when a book titled 100 Bullshit Jobs…And How to Get Them (aff).

The book caught my attention on the shelf – mainly because of the title.


However the moment I saw it I just knew what I’d find if I turned to the ‘B’ section of occupations.

Yep – number 13 (lucky for some) on the list (between ‘best-sellingn author’ and ‘book editor’) is ‘Blogger’.


I’m not sure whether to be proud or offended :-)

The chapter on Blogging as a BS job didn’t really have much of value to say – the book was in the humor section – and referred to Nick Denton and encouraged readers to start a blog and write about their lives.

Of course – other bullshit jobs include ‘advertising executive’, ‘Being Donald Trump, ‘Closet Organizer’, Economist’, ‘Lawyer’, ‘Poet’ and ‘writer of this book’ so we can’t take it too seriously… or can we? :-)

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  1. Nick says:

    Maybe the book should be called “rare jobs you wish you had” :)

  2. Eduardo Maio says:

    I must say that book is making me curious and I’m tempted to buy it! Looks like a fun aproach to some jobs that seem too easy to be true.

  3. Tammy Lenski says:

    Maybe there’s an additional job that belongs on the list: Writer of B.S. books that sell because of good titles…

  4. But did you notice that once again a numbered list caught your eye? It just goes to show how compelling lists are to readers.
    Maybe this guy was reading your recent collection of “mega-lists”?

  5. Stephen W. says:

    You actually had me worried. Still, I’d say it was a pretty tame post overall. I myself thought you’d be going on a colorfully-worded rant, Darren. Of course, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that you didn’t. ;)

    The way I see it, people don’t consider blogging a serious profession for the simple reason that very few people make a successful living at it. It’s almost like saying you’re a professional gambler or home assembly worker. For many, it’s just another example of a “work at home and earn $3000 a day” scheme that promises gold but never pans out.

    So is it a BS job? In some cases, yes, although there are many notable examples (e.g. Darren Rowse) where it isn’t. I can’t really judge. After all, they say the same thing about professional SEO specialists. ;)

  6. hdw says:

    Can it still be called a job if I have to pay to keep it, but don’t make any money?

  7. A bullshit job for someone might be the dream job of another man… everything is relative, except the hard work behind every success story.

  8. Isn’t that a dream job to come up with a list of bullshit jobs

  9. Isn’t that a dream job to come up with a list of bullshit jobs

  10. Ray Dotson says:

    I’m always curious about those jobs that seem so great (like fulltime blogger!). Maybe it has something to do with the grass is always greener…

  11. Jason Clegg says:

    Hot titles (even seemingly “offensive” ones) go a long way towards getting readers’ attention. Even your post-title had me scrambling to read what might offend me… Hmmm… I have to wonder about that human impulse. :)

  12. brem says:

    I wish I was a full time, multimillionnaire bullshitter.

  13. CJ says:

    The person who wrote this is probably jealous that he didn’t think of or participate in “bs” jobs that you can make a living from! LOL Hey, if it pays, play!!

  14. Donovan says:

    I’ve seen this book before. Very funny. Don’t take it seriously, although alot of the jobs aren’t the ‘typical’.

  15. Jaime Lee says:

    Here (in my country) jobs are somehow hard to get… you really need to be lucky to get one….

    I do work on a call center an i often see the same thing… get a real job bl abl abla.

    whatever you do on daily basis… that puts money in your pocket is a job…… so if it is a BS one… wtf?

    at least blogging doesn’t pay taxes!

  16. churchpundit says:

    So, is it a bullshit job because it stinks? Or is it a bullshit job because no one would believe that you can make money doing something like that? 8) thus spoke churchpundit!

  17. Darren Rowse says:

    Keep in mind that the author included being an author of ‘this book’ as one of the jobs. All tounge in cheek stuff :-)

  18. James says:

    I call bullshit!

  19. Sounds like any job except for politician and school teacher are listed as a BS job (strange that they wouldn’t list politician).

    BTW – One of the commenters said “at least blogging doesn’t pay taxes” … uggghhh… it only doesn’t incur taxes if you don’t make any money! The founders of Google don’t pay any income taxes because they only make $1/year (or did). Everytime you make money, you owe taxes on it. Whether or not you pay them is up to you …

  20. Andrew Wee says:

    the weird thing is that a seemingly junky book often becomes an underground hit as friends buy them as gag gifts.

    but beyond the funky title (real world ‘link baiting’?) lies a grain of truth.

    i guess it beats having a title like ‘a compendium of vocations you wish you had, but you probably wouldn’t take up because you’d suck at it.’

    should we be happy we’re in the company of The Don and lawyers?

  21. Vincent says:

    Maybe we should be a little proud of it, instead of getting offended. Not many people admit blogging as a job.

  22. hdw says:

    “Not many people admit blogging as a job.”

    Admit it as a job? I don’t even admit to doing it!

  23. selfstarter says:

    LOL –
    “The problem with the Internet is that it’s replacing masturbation as a leisure activity”
    – Patrick Murphy

    I wouldn’t say.. REPLACE.. supplement, perhaps (enhance?). Blogging is paying bills (sometimes even the mortgage). I don’t care what you call it. I flippin’ LOVE it.

  24. LoEW says:

    I’m curious….was “SEO Specialist” among that list? ;)

  25. Enrique says:

    I thought this book was going to be a review of all those 4 or 5 word job titles (like gaming software quality assurance technician) that are obviously bullshit and made to sound important :D

  26. What other people consider good jobs are the BS jobs. most corporate types spend most of their time BSing just to keep their job. At least bloggers have honest jobs and don’t try to prentend that they are important non-BS type jobs.

  27. What a way to make a quick buck!
    What is another catchy title so we can all write a book together??

  28. Prez bush wasnt listed in that book? lol just kidding :)

  29. says:

    I guess it might be an interesting book… A lot of people blogging nowadays… Not to say being offended or what, “money can speak louder than words”… :)

  30. I’m starting to feel like blogging is a bullshit job… sigh…