AdSense Sandbox Tool

If you run AdSense on your blog then the chances are you see the same old ads being run to it every day. If you’re anything like me you wonder what other AdSense ads people could be seeing.

A little tool that might be interesting to some to use is the AdSense Sandbox Tool from Digital Point where you can add your URL (or your competitors) and it’ll serve 20 sample ads for your blog.

You can also use it to test what ads would show up if you targeted specific keywords – useful if you’re in the process of setting up a new blog and are wondering if there are enough ads around for your topic.

It’s not the most amazing tool in the world but seeing as though I’ve been sharing a few AdSense tools lately I thought I’d share it in the hope that some of you might find it useful.

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  1. _asais says:

    Yeah, this is good tool to find out which ads apper on your site! Have used it many times!

  2. Nice tool…very useful to see the generated ads:-)

  3. Paul says:

    Seems not to work. I wrote my own Previw-Tool anyway. Check it out :

  4. Very useful and easy to use.

    @Paul: you just have to ad the valid url :-)


  1. […] Hvilke annoncer vises der på ens sider når man kører med Google Adsense annoncer? Google AdSense Sandbox Tool giver 20 eksempler. (Via Problogger) […]

  2. Adsense sandbox tool…

    a tool that will let you know all ads thay might show up on your blog/site…