Transitioning from Full Time to Part Time Blogging

One of my fellow blog tips bloggers ZMAng from blogHelper has written a post about Transitioning from Full Time to Part Time Blogging.

It’s a post that caught my attention for a number of reasons – one of which is that over the last few years I’ve seen more bloggers writing about transitioning from part time to full time.

ZMAng writes about some of the changes that he’s noticed about the transition including:

  • Lack of Drive to Post
  • More Incentive to Blog Faster
  • Less Wories + Easily Satisfied
  • Increase in E-main Response Speed at the Expense of Comment Replies

ZMAng manages 15 blogs so it will be interesting to watch how his story unfolds and whether he’ll be able to keep maintaining readership on all of them or whether there will be a need to consolidate his blogging back to a few main blogs.

I’m not sure what ZMAng’s planning to do with his blogs but do know that keeping 15 of them running on a part time basis will be a challenge.

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  1. Karl Smith says:


    I wish to know what is up to with Google Adsense … I am hearing about its dead :) anyway I guess Kontera is a great ONE for content related sites like yours.


  2. I can understand the reasoning. It’s easy to burn out, especially if you are writing on topics you hate. I’ve recently given up on writing about anything I don’t enjoy. Life’s too short…

  3. I couldn’t imagine writing for 15 blogs. I can see how someone would get burned out really quickly on that.

    – Bryan

  4. Ryan McLean says:

    Let me transition into part time blogging first, then full time ….then maybe I can transition from full time to part time.
    But first I need to make more money blogging