Increasing Blog Readability

One of the more recent additions to my RSS feed is more minimal – a blog about… minimalism.

One of the latest posts on it relates to blogging – five ways to make your blog more readable.

  1. focus your content
  2. reduce the amount of text on your page
  3. stick with simple fonts
  4. dump the blogger bling
  5. be smart about color

It’s a nice list.

One of the problems that many bloggers (including myself) fall into from time to time is allowing their blog to become cluttered (yes – I’m guilty of it). From time to time it can be worth doing a spring clean and getting back to basics. Some of these rules might be helpful in doing that.

Google Adds Blogs to ‘Alerts’ Email Service

Google has continued to integrate blogs into their news site by extending their ‘Alerts’ service (that emails you any time any site in their new index writes on a particular keyword) to cover blogs also.

This is very cool (I should say that the ‘idea’ is cool – I’m yet to actually test it)!

I have used ‘news alerts’ for some time now as a way to find breaking news on blog niches – but now to be notified via email when blogs use those keywords opens up some great possibilities also (although the numbers of blogs writing on some keywords could lead to overwhelming numbers of alerts).

Set up alerts here where you enter the keyword/s, whether it is a blog, news or web alert (etc) and how often you want to be alerted (ie as it happens, once a day or once a week). You can have alerts arrive in your inbox either as HTML or text emails.

Speedlinking – 31 October 2006

I’m back from our few days away. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes for our little break. It was a nice time away although we had some pretty below average weather and I’ve come back with the flu unfortunately.

I hope you enjoyed the mini-archives series that I ran – was it something people found helpful? Your honest feedback is always appreciated.

Now I’m home I’ll get back into some ‘normal’ blogging here at ProBlogger over the coming few days. To start with – here are a few links from the past few days – I’m sure there will be more that I need to catch up on but here’s something to start with):

Product and Brand Names are Best Keywords

200610242119One of the simplest and yet most effective tips that I’ve got hidden away in my archives is one reflecting upon Product and Brand Names being the Best Keywords.

The study that I linked to that stimulated the post is no longer live but luckily I took a quote from it that pretty much sums it up.

While I’d already been using this tip in my blogging before I came across this study it has been a key to me earning a full time living from blogging over the past couple of years. By no means is it the only type of keyword to target when blogging – but it’s definately worth keeping in mind.

Changing Clocks

A friendly public service announcement for those engaging in global communications….

Daylight Savings started here in most parts of Australia over the weekend. I’m told it also ended in many parts of the northern hemisphere.

While it signals the start of summer to us Aussies I generally find that over the next few months that quite a few of my North American friends seemingly ‘disappear’ from my instant messenger interactions – simply because the times no longer line up in a convenient way.

It looks like there’ll be some late nights and early mornings ahead!

What to do When Someone Steals Your Blog’s Content

200610242119Another post from 2004 that I regularly point readers to (increasingly so in the last 6 months unfortunately) is:

What to do When Someone Steals Your Blog’s Content – Blog Plagiarism

Unfortunately the problem of people misusing other people’s content is one that is increasingly common. I find that some seem to do it without realizing that they are breaking copyright and not knowing what is and isn’t acceptable – however there is also an increasing number of people who do it quite maliciously.

PS: in more recent times Lorelle has written a comprehensive and up to date post on what to do when someone steals your content also which will also be useful to those facing the problem.

Entering ProBlogging With Realistic Expectations

200610242119One of the most common misconceptions that I come across with bloggers hoping to make their fortune from blogging is that it is quick and easy.

As a result I quite often point PreBloggers to the following post in the hope that it will help give a bit of a reality check.

Do you have time to be a ProBlogger?

In a similar line of thought PreBloggers might also find my Public Service Announcement posts useful.

Hope it’s all not too much of a downer. While these posts don’t get the attention that some of my other posts get (like the one talking about how much I earn) they are important posts that I write in the hope ofgiving a realistic impression of ProBlogging as a strategy to earn an income.

How to Generate High Quantities of Content for Your Blog

200610242119This post is part of a series of posts that I’m writing while on a short vacation that highlights a few posts from this blog’s thousands of posts in the archives.

Another series of posts that I wrote back in my early days was titled Generating High Quantities of Content.

I started the series of 7 posts with the following statement:

“Do you want to generate good traffic on your blog and therefore give yourself a chance at earning an income from it? Quality Content is a good first step – but it is not enough – you need to work on Quantity also.”

One of the criticisms that this series received from readers was that I was saying Quantity was more important than Quality of posts – of course this was not the case. I am totally in favor of bloggers working on post quality (and have written many tips on this) however – I still think that some bloggers could improve their blogs by upping the quantity of posts.

I probably have mellowed a little since writing this series in 2004 (from memory I was posting between 10 posts a day back then – and increased it to 20-30 posts per day over the next few months) but I’m still a big believer in regular posts (Quality and Quantity).

So that’s enough disclaimers – take a look at the series. Keep in mind it’s from over two years ago now – but much of it is still relevant.

  1. Generating High Quantities of Content – Introduction
  2. Set Yourself a Target
  3. News Sites and News Aggregators
  4. Start a New Blog
  5. Break Posts Down
  6. Ecto and Desktop blog Editors
  7. Recruit Writers

PS – in the interest of balance – perhaps I should also link to my recent post on ‘Getting a Life‘ as one of the consequences of taking the Quantity thing too far is blog burn out. Make sure you look after yourself and keep balance in your blogging or you’ll never sustain your blogging for the long term!

34 Tips for Finding Readers for Your Blog

200610242119One of the first series of posts that I wrote on the topic of blogging was on the topic of Finding Readers for your blog.

I originally wrote it way back in 2003 on another blog and transferred it to ProBlogger in 2004. While it’s from my very early days of blogging there’s still some relevant tips in it. Here are the four parts (containing a total of 15 tips) of the series:

For a more updated post on ‘finding readers for your blog’ you might also like to check out this post (with 19 tips – and yes some double up on the previous 15) that I wrote on the topic as part of my Blogging for Beginners Series.