Group Writing Project Winners

Thanks again for everyone who participated in this week’s Group Writing Project. I’ve just taken another look at the full finished list of 343 submissions and I’m more than satisfied with the week’s project.

It has been a lot of work to run but the quality of many of the posts submitted has been very high and I personally have found some great new blogs which I’ve added to my RSS feed.

There are many worthy winners of the prizes this week but there can only be 5. I’ve just randomly selected the following five people (using an online random number generator).

Congratulations to those whose lucky numbers came up and another big thank you to our sponsors.

How To Project – Final Submissions

How-ToThe ‘How To…’ Group Writing Project is now officially over.

Thanks to all who have participated – you’ve overwhelmed me with your responses (quite literally). Today was the biggest response for this project with 112 submissions bringing us to a total of 343 (the biggest one we’ve done so far).

Thanks to the sponsors of this week’s project. Without New Homes, forums, Google Tutor and we’d not have the prizes (below) which all participants are in the running for (I’ll announce the winners in a few hours).

This latest batch of submissions are once again a real reflection of the blogosphere at large. There are tips on such a variety of topics that it leaves me shaking my head at the creativity and diversity of bloggers.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s project – I certainly had fun reading many of the submissions and was really excited to see so many of the blogs participating getting linked to from other parts of the web as a result.

The challenge for us all now is to surf the list – find the posts that we enjoyed the most and start linking up to them. Surf the full list, find those that you resonate with the most and post your top 5 (or more) on your own blog. This way the project goes to the next level and through it some great new blogs will get the recognition they deserve.

Thanks again for participating. Here’s the final round of submissions:

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AdSense Revamp Channels Setup Page

AdSense have also announced a revamp to their channels set up page:

‘Besides cleaning up the design by housing each product on its own sub-tab, we’ve also made it easier for you to take action on your channels. Just select the checkbox next to a channel and then choose to activate, deactivate, remove, or rename the channel you’ve selected. ‘

AdSense adds 200×200 Ad Unit

Jen points out that AdSense have added a new 200×200 ad unit size for publishers.

I always love it when they add a new ad size as it presents new possibilities.

The 200×200 ad unit is called ‘Small Square’ and is available in both text and image ads. Here’s examples of how they look in terms of size.

Adsense-200X200-Image Adsense-200X200-Text

They look like being a handy size actually – probably will sit well in a lot of sidebars.

How Much is a Blog Post Worth? – Paying Bloggers

How much would you write a blog post for?

I’ve had two emails today from bloggers asking how much they should charge per post for their blogging services and one email from a blog network asking how much I think is fair to pay bloggers per post.

note – all are asking about ‘per post’ payments and not revenue share which is another model of paying bloggers which I won’t cover in this post in much depth. I’ll keep this to the question being asked about ‘per post’ values.

I thought I’d open it up for discussion. What do you think?

All my answers to the emails were fairly vague because in my experience the value of a blog post varies depending upon a variety of factors:

  • Post Length – not all posts are equal and one differentiating factor is post length. While sometimes shorter posts can actually take longer to write than longer ones a general principle that most blog employers and employees factor into their agreements in terms of payment is post length.
  • Type of Post – another obvious different between posts is the type of post that is being written. There’s a big difference in the amount of work that goes into a newsy/link post and a longer opinion piece of tutorial. As a result I’d expect the value associated with the post would be different.
  • Topic – some topics are more commercially viable than others and I would expect that this would factor into many blog payment negotiations. This relates both to the type and value of advertising and affiliate programs available on a topic but also the responsiveness of the audience to these commercial aspects of the blog.
  • Post Frequency – how often the blogger is expected to post will no doubt factor into negotiations on the price of a post. If there’s an expectation of multiple posts per day I’d expect that the payment would be different to the cost of paying someone to post once per week.
  • Expertise of Blogger – some bloggers bring specialized expertise on a topic and would be able to negotiate a higher fee per post than other bloggers with less expertise or expertise on a less specialized topic.
  • Profile of Blogger – some bloggers have an established profile either within or outside of blogging circles. This means that they’re more likely to kick start a blog with traffic from their established fan base/readership and should mean that they can expect a higher per post fee.
  • Ownership – some blog networks or owners allow the blogger to keep full or partial ownership of the content that they write – others take full ownership of the content. I would expect that this should come into play when negotiating a fee. If the blogger can use the content later or in other mediums this might mean a lower fee but if they give up complete rights to the content I’d expect the blog owner should pay a premium (to some extent) for this.
  • Incentives – Some blog networks build incentives into their payment systems (some operate on a completely incentive based system where there is no ‘per post’ payment – but that’s another topic). These incentives may be based upon traffic, revenue, incoming links or some combination of these (and other) factors. The incentives offered (and the chance of them coming into play) will obviously impact the ‘per post’ payment that bloggers receive.

Ok – so how much is a blog post worth?

Obviously there’s going to be quite a large variation in terms of dollar values paid for a blog post but from chatting with many bloggers from many networks and business blogs I’m hearing that the going rate on a ‘per post’ basis seems to be ranging from as low as $2 per post up to $20 per post (and on occasion I’ve heard of payments as high as $100 for one off or less frequent columns).

Of course ultimately the value of a post will be determined by the market (ie demand and supply and the budget of the blog owner and where it intersects with the situation and willingness of the blogger).

It’s a difficult question but I’d love to hear your thoughts on how much you think a blog post is worth. How much would you (do you) blog for? Feel free to share your experiences anonymously if you’d like.

Speedlinking 22 September 2006

  • Nik reveals that he knows who the blogger behind Dead 2.0 (an anonymous blog) is. More importantly he goes on to share some good information for ‘anonymous’ to read about the vulnerabilities around their identity.
  • Zookoda (the newsletter service for bloggers) is up for sale. They feel they’ve taken it as far as they can (as a two person company) and after signing up 5200 bloggers feel it’s time for someone else to take it to the next level).
  • eMoms has done a nice comparative chart of 7 blogging platforms
  • Scott Baradell provides 101 ways to Brew Up a Great Idea (might be useful for bloggers feeling the pinch of bloggers block) – via Business Opportunities
  • Michael has been writing on the topic of Setting Up a Video Blog.

Factors for Successful Linkbaiting

So far in this series on link bait we’ve attempted to define linkbaiting, we’ve looked at the benefits of doing it and yesterday I described a variety of Linkbaiting Techniques.

The techniques I looked at yesterday are good starting points engaging in them doesn’t guarantee that they’ll succeed.

Everyday many bloggers write lists, run contests, develop quizzes, break news (etc) and yet their posts get no links (I’m sure we all know the feeling of a post that we have a lot of hopes for going unnoticed).

So what other factors come into play with linkbaiting? Here’s a six that come to mind:

1. Be Lucky – as I think back over the posts that I’ve written that have had the most success in terms of incoming links I have to admit that despite my best intentions and efforts that luck usually plays some role. On many occasions it all comes down to the right person linking to you at the right time which triggers others to link which triggers someone to digg you, which in turn triggers other links…. (you get the picture). Of course luckiness isn’t something we have much control over (although I think there are some things you can do to be luckier).

2. Make People Talk – think about the linkups you do on your own blog. Why do you link up? I guess I equate the link up to being something like the conversation starters that happen at our place each Sunday morning when V and I sit in bed reading the newspapers that we get delivered on the weekend. As we read we point out to each other the things that interest us, that are relevant to our lives, that we agree or disagree with – the things that make us want to tell someone about what we’re reading. Write in a way that makes people want to tell someone and if that person has a blog or website they probably will.

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How to Assemble the Biggest List of ‘How To’ Blog Posts Ever – Reader Submissions Part III

How-ToI’m getting lots of great feedback today (as well as 80 more entries) in the How to… group writing project. Check out this comment from one participant who got 60,000 visitors to his post as a result of the project (which started a Diggalanche)!

The reason I started these projects was because there’s a lot of blogs out there producing excellent content that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Hopefully you’ve found some of them in our previous days submissions and will find some more here. When you do – spread the word about the blogs that you discover (link to them, bookmark them, tell your mum… you get the picture).

A quick thank you again to the sponsors of this week’s project who have donated $1800 in gifts for 5 lucky participants. The sponsors are New Homes, forums, Google Tutor and Full details of prizes are at the end of this post.

See the full list of participants so far (231 of them) here and don’t forget that you can still enter up until the end of Thursday (wherever you are) by following the instructions in our introductory post.

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AdSense Get Groovy and Thank MTV Ad Testers with Lava Lamps

Publishers participating in the AdSense MTV premium video pilot should keep an eye on their mail boxes over the next few days as they are likely to have a package arrive containing…

wait for it….

a Lava lamp.

Google-Lava-Lamp248363808 57Dbbfa97D O

Yep – publishers who were part of the program (like shoemoney (pictured left) and graywolf (pictured right)) are reporting their lamps have arrived (and they look happy about it).

Did anyone else get one?