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Sailing vs Rowing (or how to get your Blog going when it loses Momentum)

‘When the Wind Stops Blowing, Start Rowing’ – Darby Checkett, “Leverage

Have you ever felt like the wind in your blogging ‘sails’ disappeared? Perhaps it’s time to start ‘rowing’.

Wind in Your Blogging Sails

SailingOver my three years of blogging there have been many times where it felt like the wind was blowing and my blogs were moving forward at fast speed – almost without me doing anything to make it happen at all.

Perhaps you know the feeling?

You get in the groove with your writing, ideas just come, the writing of them is easy, readers respond, people link up, viral like traffic comes…. you feel on top of the world and blogging is a real joy.

Most bloggers have felt the wind blow at one time or another to some level. I still remember the first time it happened to me just a few weeks into my first blog when another blogger noticed me for the first time and sent me readers. For the first time people who were not family members or close friends were reading what I had to say. In the scheme of things it was just a handful of readers – but I didn’t care, my blog had caught a gust of wind and it felt good.

It’s a feeling that has happened numerous times over the years. Sometimes in relatively small ways and other times where it got so windy that it felt like it was blowing a gale!

When The Wind Stops

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Speedlinking – 1 September 2006

  • If you’re a web developer looking for distraction or with a few days to kill you might like to check out the Web Developer’s Handbook – with around 1000 links for Web Developers there’s sure to be something for everyone (although I can think of a few links that they could add to their blogging section). Found via Lifehacker and LifeClever.
  • Dave Winer links to YoMoBog – a service for posting to blogs from mobile devices. It’s still in it’s experimental development but looks like it could be useful.
  • Chris gives some reality check advice for people hoping to make a living from blogging.
  • Mindful Entrepreneur writes 7 Mindful Business Practices – thanks to Martin for the tip on this one.
  • today added Avatars which can be added to your profile.
  • I’m going to bookmark this great time zone map tool as I’m constantly looking up what time it is in different parts of the world – found via Duncan.