Google Page Rank Update Underway Again

Thanks to everyone who has sent me email and IM to let me know that Google is updating it’s page rank at the moment. It does seem that there is an update under way from what I can see.

As usual you can check your Future Page Rank here on a post I wrote for a previous update.

If you’re new to the idea of page rank you might like to read my page rank explained post on the topic where I attempt to explain what it is and unpack whether it is actually important or not these days.

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  1. Oh goody! Hopefully my PR 0 site will improve over the next few days!

  2. dru says:


  3. Stefan Juhl says:

    Seems like that’s correct. On some data centers I get pagerank for some of my rather new websites which hasn’t had pagerank before.

  4. brem says:

    Whoo hoo! Page Rank 5!

    I’ve been waiting a whole year for this! hehehe

  5. A.H says:

    That’s great, not i have one PR6 and one PR4 blog =)


  6. I uninstalled my toolbar 1 year ago and never looked back. Show me the money. The rest of you can have “Google Green” :)

  7. Adnan says:

    Oh cool, its a bit weird though. According to your Problogger/SEO Chat PR Check Im due for a PR4 (from a PR0) but according to others Im a PR6.

    Also Brem I checked your blog and my toolbar says that you have a PR4 not 5. Does anyone actually have a proper way of checking PR, as apparently Google doesn’t change the toolbars after an update? Martin, how did you figure yours out?


  8. Andrew says:

    Oh geez, some of the servers are returning a major bump-down to a PR of 1 for my site(s).


  9. Shiny says:

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  10. Leroy Brown says:

    I don’t really concern myself with PR too much, but it’s pretty cool to improve nonetheless.

  11. Peter says:

    Yee but from yesterday my is out from google.
    I need to figure it out why this happened.

  12. Nick says:

    Yeah I noticed this last night. my PR 0 is bumping up to a PR 4. I’m expecting it to open up some more monetization options. I’m excited.

  13. Simon Owens says:

    I’m guessing that if a few of the data centers claim that my pr is 6 and others claim that it’s 5, that it will soon be bumped up to 6?

  14. AhmedF says:

    Hrmm – anyone see their PR values too high? An old site of mine, not updated in years, was a PR3, and it just spiked to a PR6.

  15. brem says:

    ahmed: time online is also a factor for pr, not just backlinking.

  16. AhmedF says:

    Brem – I have never ever heard of time being a factor in PR (and I have been watching this since 2000).

    Regardless – turned out it was linking to the site – instant PR9 hallelujah! :)

  17. AhmedF says:

    Umm to clarify – the now PR9 is linking to the formerly PR3 (now a handsome PR6).

  18. Well it hurt us on a couple but improved us on the rest.

  19. Milo Riano says:

    Cool. I have been stuck on PR 2 for my personal website for a very long time. Made bad linking partners before, good I stuck with the site and now its PR 5. I’m very happy with it. :)

  20. The recent update was kind to my sites — now a few PR6 and a dozen PR5.

    Is there a site that tracks when google updates PageRank and its effects in general?

  21. If there is I would like to know. Nothing has happend with my sites. To late now or is it stil changing?

  22. feral cat says:

    Just when I get an offer for paid text links on my page rank 4 personal blog Google drops it down to a page rank 3, just my luck. Still it’s not like I keep that one updated so it’s my own fault I guess.

  23. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the tip. I just did a check with your tool and it looks like my main blog is going to increase it’s PR by another factor, which is huge considering that each level is an order of magnitude more!

    Great little tool you’ve got setup for going through the different Google search servers!

  24. I can’t see a shift in PR in any of my websites.

  25. Well .. i see a shift in PR .. downwards. Is the update over?

  26. Woohoo! I registered the domain and got it running around July this year and of course it was sitting at PR0 – but now it has gone straight to a PR5. I’m stoked :D

  27. brem says:

    Using the SEO tool Darren talked about, half the data center show PR 4, half PR 5. Hmmmm

    Ahmed: There is a lot of parameters taken into account for page placement, among which the time the page has been online, and also how long your domain name is registered for. That being said. I have no idea how much it matters when calculating PR.

  28. AhSoon says:

    My site just online for three months, I’ve got 50 sites backlink me (fr Technorati), and I’ve got a page rank of 4!

    I feel pretty good and hope to get some improvement on the next update.

  29. brem says:

    AhSoon 0 to 4 took me 2 months. 4 to 5 almost a year. Good luck.

  30. alice says:

    Any idea how to simply make the page at my dot net ( the true page) and my dot com merge into one page rank?

    They lead to the same page but until recently the dot net – a newer domain but the static one – had a 3 and the dot come the one older one which used a long time ago to lead to my blogspot blog which is now parked and leads to my dot net site – had a 5. Now it seems they both have a 5.

    Someone told me that I could do some kind of redirect to increase it to a true ranking – redirecting those who still have me linked at the dot com to the dot net and increasing my ranking ot a 7.
    Is this a complicated process and is it even worth it?

  31. Mike says:

    It seems finally google updated page rank. my site was 0, now it says Pr 2. The site is very new. Anything for granted

  32. Tom says:

    Waahey! It’s nearly PR update time again. I read somewhere that there have been predictions that the next update will be on 28th Jan 2007. The expression ‘clutching at straws’ springs to mind. Standby for several days of fluctuating PR values as the new roll out begins.

  33. nick says:

    well thanks my PR3 ,acording to you it only 1
    how do you figger that matey

  34. bishan says:


    How can we see the difference between changes in rankings as a result of those data pushes that happening like every 1-2 and the traditional Everflux. Can we assume that from now on rankings of sites wouldn’t be as stable as before?


  35. Naveen Kapur says:

    Do you know how many days google are remaining in the Page rank updation of websites, Actually it takes about 3 months for latest page rank updatation. Next Google Page Rank Update may be with on last week of july,07. It is a matter of fact that google maintain secrecy in its area of work. So to increse website traffic of your business webpage, Make it sure that you must have good backlinks before next Page rank update. is an live example of Future PR analyse tool, backlink checker, website link moniter and SEO tools with web promotion tips.

  36. parveen says:

    When could be the next page rank update in 2007

  37. Bonzer says:

    Is the PR Update underway again now I wonder ?

  38. A week back I saw google has updated its Backlink but not PR.
    I think Goolge is behind approx 5 month.I am waiting for PR updation or Gagger Updation
    Deepak Seo Tips

  39. Bishan says:

    What yo usay makes sense from what we observed recently on our side. It seems like you are doing updates on specific SERPS instead of accross the index.
    Am I wrong ?

  40. dhishoom says:

    I was wondering when the next google PR Update is ? Is it September or August 2007 ?

  41. raj says:

    When this will happen any ideas ?

  42. snowgirl says:

    i think it will be middle of october


  43. seo expert says:

    it seem interesting that google is updating its rank agian i am waiting for this page rank from quite long as i was working on couple of things on my many website to see which of those going to pay me off my efforts

  44. Google also use parameters like domain age in order to calculate PR.

  45. Pula says:

    It seems that the Google update is underway. In the next 5 days we will see the change in PR. Now you can see the change in backlinks.

  46. Naveen Kapur says:

    I hope so, if no one gets banned for paid link exchange. Its more of a relevant website link to your site now than before in the eyes of Google. I have seen many of my back links vanish from google backward link check.

    But, lets carry on people and not worry about a PR. Its more of a SERP we must concentrate today to increase website traffic.

    Try this search in Google “increase website traffic” and check for listing for, you might know what I am talking about.

    Anyways, all the best to everyone still thriving hard for a PR.

  47. southall says:

    My websites pagerank has just been updated.

  48. enfopedia says:

    What can a new site expect to receive from Google in Terms of Ranks, ex: PR 3, PR4..etc

    Any comments would be great.

  49. Aamir Husain says:

    I have noticed that google has been updated their database regarding page rank. But sadly my site still having the same PR as before.

  50. I also noticed that google has been updated their database regarding page rank, but sadanly my site still having the same PR as before .


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  6. Google Page Rank to be updated…

    Google is updating it page ranks…

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