103bees Adds New Search Term Analytics Features

Those of you using the 103bees search term analytics stats package (I reviewed it here) might have noticed a couple of updates in recent times.

The latest update is that they now track PPC (pay pre click) stats. So if you’re using a program like Google AdWords to promote your blog you can now track how many hits you’re getting and to which pages (etc).

The other update from the last week or so is that they’re now showing how highly you rank for different search terms (something I asked for in my review).

Lastly they’ve added a page titled ‘Rankings’ in which you get a nice summary of your top search term results with terms that you’re ranked at different levels for. This will help those wanting to identify which search terms they might want to do a little SEO for.

Lots of useful information provided in these updates.

PS: they now seem to be accepting new applications (they’d previously been closed for a few weeks).

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  1. Ashwin says:

    Hi Darren,
    Can you please tell me where exactly do I need to place the code? I use WP.


  2. Darren Rowse says:

    i place mine just above my last ‘body’ tags in my templates Ashwin.

    If in doubt I’d contact 103bees to get their assistance to be set up.

  3. Jim says:

    I must check this out been using sitemeter for a while now

  4. I started using 103bees after I read your review and I found them very usful and till now didn’t know what people searched before they landed on my blog.
    Thanks Darren for mentioning 103bees.

  5. Markus Merz says:

    Manual trackback:

    How would you decide? Two counters have to go …

    Please help :-)


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